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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 830

The weekend, ideally speaking, should have had been spent catching up on sleep, resting and staying in the house. But having a lot of my mum's genes, i couldnt do that. So after some surfing on the net and catching up with Scrooge on the holiday plans this summer, i finally managed to catch sleep by around 4 AM. I woke up, relatively early by 10 on Saturday. Oh, but i have to tell you something. Again, the premonition thing happened. I got a dream where i was shot and i was dying. It felt extremely real. Now i have a good idea on how it would feel like to be dead. I will not call it the best of experiences. All this happened on Friday morning. I woke up, and got a gut feeling that someone is going to die and i am going to get the news. Well, guess what ? On Saturday morning when i woke up, i got a message that a friend's mother had passed away. Now that was quite something. I spoke to 2 of my best friends about this. We could only come to a conclusion, that my sense of intuition is getting stronger. And maybe there is some kind of spiritual energy being formed in my body which was required. How good or how bad this is, only time will tell.
So saturday was a busy day. In the afternoon, caught up with someone for Lunch at Ruby Tuesday at Inorbit - Malad. Had gone there after a long time. Had some nice lunch and then headed home towards the evening. Decided to take Purav to Priyadarshini Park (Again a place i would be visiting after years) and just sat and enjoyed the sunset while Junior was running around in the park.
Came home, and then rested for a bit before going out for dinner, alone, at The Sun.
Saturday Night, again was kind of late. I Saw a good thinking movie - 21 Grams. I would say it is one of the most underrated movies to have come and a must watch for Serious Movie lovers. Great acting By Sean Penn, Naomi Watts (Watch out for her in a scene where she bursts out at Sean Penn) And Beninco Del Torro   By the time i could get some wink, after an upset tummy, it was again 4. I took it easy on Sunday and didnt venture out in the day time.
In the evening, around 7 PM, The Fat Guy and me went our to Colaba - Specifically Cafe Mondegar and had a nice Dinner where we discussed a lot of things. And it felt good carching up with him after many days.
Between the 3 of us we ordered, Pizzas, Burgers, Onion Rings, French Fries, 2 Chicken Starters (For him), 3 Bottles of Beer(Again for him) , 2 Chocolate Milkshakes and a caramel custard. Long live our king size appetite.
Avatar Baba Didnt come as he went out for a customary dinner with his folks. Today being his dad's birthday.
And now i am home, and after many days i will sleep early because in the morning, i am going for a Visa Interview (More on that in the weeks to come).

And for you, my precious....

.thump thump, thump thump .
One heart alone, makes but a single beat
A sound so low and incomplete
A heart all alone, waiting to be heard
Knows not the beauty or songs of singing birds
One heart all alone, knows not love or tenderness
It feels nothing, but has emptiness
A heart alone, searches for its mate
It waits, trust fate, contemplates
Until by chance another beat it hears
That sound it has longed for all these years
Like the timbre of a bass drum
It hears an answer, another thrum

Two hearts are beating, strong and true
The sound grows louder, waiting is through
Two hearts are beating, within one another
Searching is over, they have found that lover
Two hearts are beating, they grow and grow
Together forever, never wanting to go
Two hearts are beating, as the sun goes down
A love true, a love strong, both are bound
And as the sound gently fades into night
Two hearts are beating, this they know is just right
thump thump, thump thump ...

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