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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 827

3rd time. This is the third time that i got a premonition. This time the event happened a couple of days after i dreamed. I had a dream that my mum's bro had called up and it was something about meeting up and coming to his house. And voila, it happened after a couple of days. Although he didnt speak to me, but the invitation was definitely there. Now all i can hope, is that i try and concentrate and see if i can actually dream of what i want, for the last 2-3 years and hopefully that will manifest in to a reality. The last 2-3 days, i have been sleeping a lot. Except for Tuesday Night, when i went to see a movie. I saw Kahaani. An interesting film. The film making is inspired from Alfred Hitchcock Movie -Suspicion and The Usual Suspects. The ending is funny in way but the movie is still much better than a lot of hindi movie trash that comes in your face. I came home, and Scrooge and me were looking at Hotel Accommodations for our next trip, which will happen very soon. Spoke with an Aunt (Mum's cousin in UK) over the phone(JLT) and also watched a thrilling Champion League's football Match of Marseilles Vs Inter Milan. A match where you could win but loose and loose but win. All the winner had to do was ensure the opponent didnt score a single goal and all the looser had to do was score a measely 1 goal to win. A real nail biting football match.
And after that, Alpa called up from USA and we chatted till the early hours of morning. I finally managed to sleep by 6:30 AM. I woke at around noon and since the last few days, i havent been eating conventional lunch as well. I have figured that anytime i eat lunch and go to work, i feel extremely sleepy. So i make do with Chocolate Milk and Fruits. Since the mango has arrived in the market, its been Mangoes and Apples. So it kinda detoxifies my system as well.
Work, as usual, has been piling like crazy.
Well, now i must go to sleep. Its been a long week and eagerly waiting for the weekend as this is a rare saturday that i will get an off.
I will leave with this beautiful poem for someone i love.

You came into my life on a simple way
Told me you love me almost everyday
Showed me happiness and made me smile
I started to love you after awhile.

My wish is that our love may never die
I wished that from the day we gave us a try
When I woke up this morning you were on my mind
Love you completely although they say love is blind.

Forever yours that's how I feel
I trust you completely for real.

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