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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 820

Its Holi. The Hindu traditional festival day which marks the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. Although, India, by and large, never had a spring festival. The 2nd day of holi is the one which is more popular. Its called the rang-panchmi or day of colours. Traditional Gulal or the red color powder is applied to everyone and then people throw all different colours at each other and the more festive ones even consumer "Bhaang" or the Indian version of Cannabis.
I remember this day so well. Every year, during my school days and in my old home, all of us would come down as early as 8:30 AM, and like wild rebels throw colors and eggs and cold cold water, and water balloons and the 10-12 of us would drive the rest 40-50 who came down super crazy. And we were a group of the most rowdiest guys you can ever meet. The tradition continued till 1993. After which i had my 10th standard board exams so had to miss that year's celebrations and that was the year we shifted residence. And Holi has never been the same since then. Always remember having a grand lunch with either family or friends after Holi and it was a party that started in the morning and went on till evenings.
Those were the good ol' days.
Of course since the last few years, due to the occupational hazards of my work, i have always been at office during Holi. Today was no different. But today, after many years, there was the traditional color throwing that i was a part of, in office. After 13 years, someone must have put color on me. It was nice and fun. Of course, with the festive mood, no one was in the best of moods to work today. But, surprisingly for me, i managed to do a lot of work, which otherwise wouldnt have been possible in a regular day. We had a small party at night. Pizzas and Club Sandwiches. And then post 8:30 PM, i reckon there would have been a 10% work efficiency in office.
I had a nice time in morning as well. Scrooge and me had booked tickets last night for Paan Singh Tomar. An interesting Hindi movie that we wanted to see. Turns out when we went to the movie theater, it was closed. Damn, now we will need to fight with the customer service guys to get a refund of the tickets. But since we have mum's blood, we will not come without seeing the movie. So we went to Central Plaza Theatre and got tickets for a noon show and managed to see a very well made, however with poor production values, movie.
In the last few years, the quality of hindi movies have gone from bad to worse to worst. However, there are, maybe 1 in 20 movies which are made, which are really worth watching. This is one of them.

And now i am home, waiting to sleep...and trying to get some good words for my beloved....
I wish I was there,
To kiss you Goodnight.
I wish I was there,
To hold you so tight.
I wish I was there,
To gaze into your face.
And wonder why angels,
Have come to this place.

I wish I was there,
To talk all night long.
Or sit in the presence,
Of the one that I love.
I wish I was there,
To tell you I care.
I wish I was there,
To tell you,
"You captured my heart"
And "You'll always be there."

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