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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 816

There are certain people in your lives (not your spouse) who, you may not meet for ages and yet when you meet them, it doesnt feel, like so long ago. These people, are called friends / Buddies / Pals / the Gang. These are a group of people you have known for years (28 years in my case) and who have stayed with you through real tough times. I have 1000+ friends / acquaintances on facebook. One is not on that social networking site but that doesnt matter. Out of those 1000+ people, 2 of them are extremely close friends. About 4 of them are maybe 1 notch below the rank of a best friend. And about 7 of them are at the same level as close friends. These are my school friends. Mitul and Meghna(after 17 years as a couple and 10 years of marriage, they are more or less counted in the same breath), Saloosh, Harish(aka Don), Sameer Dalal(Also known as Sam), Rajiv, Marzi and Vinod. While most of them are scattered across India and the Globe, atleast 4 of us are still in Bombay. So after lots of planning, it was decided that the weekend will be spent at a friend's bungalow in the city of Pune. It was also the 10th Wedding Anniversary of Meghna and Mitul and they wanted to spend with us close friends and mostly out of the city. So all of us made some adjustments in our busy schedules to be together. And after a long long long time, it was a good reunion in the true sense. I had to wake at 6 AM for an early shift so i didnt have to skip work or take a half day off for the getaway. Saloosh, in all likelihoods,  and so did Mitul, would have done their whole day's of work in half a day and we finally left in the Afternoon on Saturday and reached Pune (After a couple of Break Halts) at around 8 PM. The Bungalow, although in the heart of Pune, is in a huge residential complex and in many ways, in the interiors.Gives one an amazing country side feeling. With the huge lawns and cool climate, it was a much badly needed recharge for all of us. So we sat, talked, pulled each other's legs, remembered our good ol' school days, ate a great dinner, had the cake and did what has always been a tradition in our school get togethers and specially if its an overnight stay - Gamble. So it was not Poker, but an Indian Variation(And a much complicated one). So while i have, traditionally, always been the worst player, i happened to gain most chips in the game. By the time, the game finished it was nearly 2AM. Except me, most of them were up by 10 AM today and after a long time, i slept till nearly noon. And since Mitul just had to play cricket and literally forced all of us to play, we had to give in. We played 4 matches, and it was good fun. And surprisingly, i didnt play bad. Infact i was a match winner in 2 of those games and nearly won the last one as well. Then had a shower and headed for a grand lunch. And then it was back home for us. Throughout the journey, there was only one thing which kind of, made me sad. I had a great time in office that day(with a couple of friends cracking some real hilarious jokes making everyone laugh out loud), i had a superb weekend with my school friends and there was lots of nostalgia, I was missing my someone special very much. In midst of everyone with their spouses and kids, i felt a bit awkard. Of course, everyone made me feel much at home and ease, but i am a human after all. I do have feelings. I will not express them in conventional ways. But yes, i still miss that person's presence. I felt i had to share this and hence i chose this platform to express it.

The sun rises above the hillcrest,
As does the joy of my heart;
Rays of warmth and love,
From her I will never depart.

Fresh dew upon the grass,
Young birds chirp in their nests;
I watch her gently sleep,
My love to her I silently profess.

I enjoy the stillness and calm,
Watching as she smiles and dreams;
She brings me to stillness and peace,
Like that of a slow flowing stream.

My heart and soul flow with love,
And I smile as I quietly reflect;
I’ve been handed a sweet princess,
A sweet princess to love and to protect.

A vow to myself I make,
As she quietly sleeps away;
To love and always cherish her,
Until my last breath... until my last day.

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