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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 813

And George Clooney didnt get the oscar. Now that was disheartening. Jean Dujardin, as expected, won it for The Artist. I did see that movie last night(More on that later). So after waking up at 6 AM on Monday, and then watching the Oscars, i went to Mira Road for my work. Then came to office in the Afternoon and did the usual things. Needless to say, i was dead tired by the time i came home in the night. Again in the morning, i had to wake up early and go to Mira Road. Now, the only issue on Tuesday, was that there was an All-India-1 Day Strike called by all the trade unions (except the railways). This was in protest of Corruption, rising inflation etc. I still wonder, what purpose did it solve ? I was under the impression that i will get empty roads, empty trains on way to office. But i was wrong. Life, thankfully, was business as usual for the city. Its a good thing that the general public in this city have not succumbed to these arm twisting tactics by the trade unions. What, we probably need, is something like the Jasmine Revolution. ( and

Yesterday, was my last day of the work i had at Mira Road. It felt a big relief to have completed something which was pending for a long time. Now hopefully, the results of that work, will be out soon and will enhance my professional life even more than what it is right now. Work was usual. In the night, after many days, went for a movie. I saw The Artist. After a long time, international film makers have gone back to the days of making Silent Movies. The last such movie made, was Mel Brook's The Silent Movie. The Silent Movie was a laugh riot and i would say it was, kind of, a parody of The Artist(even though there is a gap of over 30 years between the films).
The reason, The Artist, won so many awards in the last few months, is because, its a simply made film. They say, its very simple to be happy but very difficult to be simple. Maybe, that won the people's and the jury's heart. Though i still felt The Descendants was a much better choice, but really, who am I to judge someone ?
And now Its the 1st day of the month and like the 1st week of every month, i am expected to have a lot of work piling up for me. There will be certain radical changes that will happen in my office, so hopefully, the preparations would be good.

My last few days, also, have been somewhat low. On Monday morning, my closest friend was irate at me. I can totally understand the reason and i also accept my flaws. I know that person said he does read my blog regularly, so i sincerely hope that all is well and that i meant every word of the SMS i sent. I dont want to write too much about this aspect and i am hoping things fall in place (if they are not) between us.

And to end today's blog - A poem for my loved one....My light(just similar to your name)...

Since I have known you I have little heed

For care or pain or fear. While we two live

Present or absent, we can richly give

Peace to each other. Hearts will run to weed

Like ruined gardens, scanted of love's seed.

Not ours: there sun and rain, restorative,

Awake the flowers; there heavenly smiles forgive

The errors of the rankest growth they breed.

Ah love me ever: pardon every wrong

That makes thy garden look less beautiful,

Even our love my soul should free of tares--

A slothful husbandman, whose idle song

Alas too often leaves the rich soil dull,

Stealing its dues of toil: but love forbears. 

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