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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 810 -- Good Morning Indeed!!!

This has been another extraordinary week. With certain new procedures at work coming along, its made our lives much difficult than what it used to be. Its, equivalent, of performing a live critical operation and ensuring that the patient, does not pass away under any circumstances. I had the opportunity to speak to my company boss (Where the buck stops) and expressed my view points on certain work related issues. And in the end, the buck stopped there. And for the first time in this company, i got, kind of  a firing, from my reporting manager. Somehow, the number of mistakes/errors i committed were quite a few. Not happening. I will not give any excuses. The mistakes/errors happened, they happened. I, need to be super extra careful, going forward. Friday through Sunday were super-packed days. Which will last through, atleast Wednesday. Due to certain work dynamics, i had to come to work at 9:30AM on Friday and 7 AM on Saturday. And it felt good, this change. After working from the afternoon to night on a daily basis, you do require certain change, once in a while. On friday evening, got some snacks for home. The midnight strikes are getting difficult to handle, you see. On saturday morning, we had a presentation by one of the teams at work. Which was interesting because we got ideas on what needs and need not be done when it comes to presentation from my own team, when it happens sometime in the middle of the year. And then it was a time of a major announcement by my boss. There will be some major revamp where work is concerned. Certain work activities which seemed impossible are now going to be improbable. How is it going to be achieved, could be anybody else's guess. Its the equivalent of filling a million different things in a box which can hold only 1000.
Well thats as far as work goes.
On saturday night, after quite a while, i went out partying. This time it was with Avatar Baba. We headed for Mocha Mojo (Or is it Mojo Mocha) and had a nice time. Fortunately the music was something we could identify with. Total Retro stuff. Sunday was another interesting day. In the morning, took, Purav to Crosswords and not only got him is toy cars, but also, got myself some stuff. I got some vintage TV serials of the 80s..Katha Sagar, Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi and Malgudi Days. These are TV Serials that were telecasted when Indian televison had just 1 Channel and it was NOT 24X7. I am still looking out for all the episodes of the following TV serials. If anyone of you know where can I buy or download all of them, it would be great.
1) Shrimaan Shrimati.
2) Hakke Bakke
3) Bhikajirao Karodpati
4) Bharat Ek Khoj
5) Mr Yogi.
Towards late afternoon, i went to a friend's place in the distant suburbs and in the late evening, caught up with, hmm, an acquaintance at newly opened shopping mall near my ex office. Now this mall is, by far, the biggest mall in the city, and probably India. Its so big, it has a roller coaster ride inside it. The parking area is Huge (and that is actually an understatement) and the food court is huge as well. After a nice dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, headed back to my friend's place because i needed help to pick up certain things required for a spiritual activity that needs to be undertaken today. Came home and went to sleep. Had to wake up at 6 AM to catch up Oscars on TV. As i write, 1 of my favorite film personality, Woody Allen has already won an oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Midnight in Paris. I am keeping fingers crossed that George Clooney gets the oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Descendants.
Lets see how that goes.
And in a while, i will head to Mira Road and then back to work. As i said, its going to be a long day.

And for my beloved:-

Let me
Show you a love so untamed and so intense.
A love so new and unique it breaks down your defense.
Let us
Enjoy feelings unexplained never tasted or felt.
Washing away all of the bad love we have ever been dealt.
Let me
Take you to rapture and leave you suspended in pure fantasy.
All sensual sensations alive and leaving you in a state of ecstasy.
Let us
Feel our hearts united and beating hard from passions so enhancing.
Let me
Excite and ignite all of your senses and open your desires.
Fulfilling all your needs and quenching your fires.
Let me…

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