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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 799 - Cool

Good morning all you lovely folks out there. I am back after a much needed holiday from Goa. To say that i had a great time, would be an understatement. A trip, 7 years in the making, finally came true. I shall surely write about everything i did there.

Day 1 -
So the 3 musketeers meet at the airport and were all ready to catch the flight to Goa. And it took us no time to start taking each other's case. The best part about our trio is that we can pull each other's legs to the fullest, at times we would even have the feeling of strangulating each other and at times we may feel like not talking at all. But in the end, our bonding is out of this world. No one in this world has ever understood our friendship and no one ever will. And frankly, we couldnt care a rat's ass for that. Anyways,  so we landed in Goa and headed for the hotel. The Santana Beach Resort . Situated at the heart of Candolim Village and at a stone throw's distance from the beach and a minute's walk from the main street which has countless restaurants and shops. We decided to check in quickly and head for the shack and enjoy a nice lunch watching the sea at a shack called Caramali. After lunch, we decided to lay down for a while on the cot outside. Then we headed for a nice long stroll on the beach. We headed back for the room, had a quick shower and then headed to have a great dinner at the in-house restaurant before calling it a night,

Day 2 -
Woke up at ease, had a nice breakfast and then headed to the famous Baga Beach. It was quite sunny and perfect time to laze around. We lied on the sands, underneath the sun and just closed our eyes and relaxed. Had a superb lunch at one of the shacks and then again lazed around in the beach beds. We decided to leave a bit early in the evening so that we had enough time to get ready for a saturday night party, We headed for a club called Club Fresh and after years danced like there is no tomorrow. Due to state election code of conduct, the club had to shut by 11 PM and then we managed to get in to a restaurant which served dinner and took our order as the last one. It was a great almost midnight dinner.

Day 3 -
It was sunday and after 2 days of enjoying, The fat man and i decided to take it easy and relax. After breakfast, watched some cricket and had a nice sunday afternoon siesta. Avatar Baba was in no mood for sleeping so he decided to explore a bit of Candolim on his own. Had a very late lunch and listened to some great Simon And Garfunkel and watching the sunset. In the night, headed for this place called the Stone House. The ambiance was great. Great Live Blues music. Dinner under the stars. However, pathetic service. And thats the sad part about Goa. This is one place, which would serve, a foreign national with great enthusiasm and an Indian National with an inversely proportional manner. Despite the fact, that globally, Indian spend much more than someone with Caucasian roots. Probably 10 times more.

Day 4 -
Today we decided to take a city tour. We headed to Ponda, specifically to the Spice Plantation. It was a nice nature walk and great Goan Lunch and got to know about all the spices and how they are cultivated. We went(like all people who come to goa should), to the St Francis Xavier Cathedral or as its locally called as Basilica of Bom Jesus. And for the first time, during our friendship years, we went to a temple together. This was the famous Mangeshi Temple. After that we headed to Dona Paula and enjoyed the nice cool breeze. Then to the Mandovi Beach where we sat for a bit and saw the sunset. Headed back to the hotel where the 2 muskeeters decided to call for dinner in the room and i headed out for a nice pizza dinner with my dad's best friend (for 40 odd years) who has made Goa his second home. We spoke about mum and dad and remembered the good ol' days.

Day 5 -
This was going to be a kick ass day. While many people celebrated valentine's day with their partners, we headed for the beach at Baga to totally freak out. While the fat guy just wanted to lie down in the bed at beach and do nothing, Avatar Baba and me went for a swim in the sea(me after years) and then for some Water sports. It was great doing all the water sports, including Para Sailing, Bumpy Water Ride and Banana Boat Sailing although i would have preferred a nice thrilling death-defying stuff. But it was still enjoyable. Then we had some hot chocolate/coffee at a shack called St Anthonys and then did some memento shopping before heading back to the hotel for a light dinner(as we had been stuffing ourselves since morning).

Day 6 -
Avatar Baba and me were in a kind of a sad mood because we had to head back home and none of us were in any mood to do that. Guess, somethings in life our inevitable and this is one of them. So after breakfast and checking out, we decided to stroll around for some shopping. Picked up some nice tshirts and then had some mocktails before heading back to the airport. The flight was late(normal by goa standards). A car had come to pick me up at Bombay so decided to drop the musketeers home and then have dinner. Went to Cafe Madras after 11 months and had a great dinner. Was thinking about mum as this was her favorite resturant and whenever she was low, she would head there. Was super tired in the night and hence didnt have the mood to update the blog so just crashed in bed.

Today woke up at around 9:30 am and then had to go to caste my vote. Today is the day when 10 cities in the state have their civic elections. I feel one must vote, as its a part of being a good citizen and despite the fact that nothing has changed in all these years, its my right as a citizen of this democratic country to exercise my franchise. So vote i did, like many others. I was also going through facebook where many of my friends, posted pictures of the ink mark on their finger which is an identity of having voted. Although i dont think it is something worthwhile to show off but yes, i would appeal to everyone to vote. In a bit will head back to work and i am pretty sure i have tons of work pending. Aah, how it doesnt feel good at all to go to work. But somehow i will manage  to scrape through the day.

And how could i ever forget a poem for my beloved:-

You came into my life on a simple way
Told me you love me almost everyday
Showed me happiness and made me smile
I started to love you after awhile.
My wish is that our love may never die
I wished that from the day we gave us a try
When I woke up this morning you were on my mind
Love you completely although they say love is blind.
Forever yours that's how I feel
I trust you completely for real.

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