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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 790

 I need a vacation. And damn it, i am taking one this friday through Wednesday with the 2 musketeers. The location - Undisclosed. Keep Guessing. I will, possibly, update my blog on Friday and let you know about my undisclosed vacation spot. So these last 2 days, besides not getting sleep at the right time, its been piles of work. Apart from my breaks, i barely get breathing time. And some of the analysis is so complicated, its not even funny. I need to do something where i have a set routine for an exercise regime every morning. But somehow i find myself being very tired and lethargic trough out the day. My guess is, very soon, i need to go for a complete body check up(Which is a must for any guy who is over 30 years of age). I will..I will.

Well, nothing much to write about so I will leave with a nice ode for my sweetheart. (I do not know if you are reading this or not, but i sure hope you do).

I've been loved and I've been alone
All my life I been a rolling stone
Done everthing that a man can do
Everthing to get a hold on you
I've been blessed and I've been cursed
All my lines has been unrehearsed
All the fires that I walked through
Only trying to get a hold on you

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