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Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 789

Its been a nice weekend. As usual, cursed under my breath, for working on a saturday. And with a colleague going on an emergency leave for the week, his share of work had to be done by me. In a way its good because some of the work that i am doing is utterly boring and can put one of to sleep in 30 minutes of doing it. And since it was Saturday, dinner had to be something special. So I decided to have pizza at a new smokin' joes outlet opened near my office. A couple of my friends, decided to join me, and we had a nice evening out. After that went to see a movie with Uncle Scrooge - Man on a ledge. An interesting thriller with, once again, a cliched climax. Slept late in the night because it was spend in discussing my finance portfolio with Scrooge himself. Sunday was not routine this time. I headed for a couple of places in town for some, lets say, spiritual calling. And this is, perhaps, a start of my journey on the road of being a more spiritually enlightened person. And by the time i came home in the afternoon, it was so hot that i had to take a shower again. I rested for sometime, had a pizza, and in the evening, caught up with the 2 musketeers at IMAX fro a movie. This movie was Chronicles. Its a docu-movie and extremely dark one, at that. After the movie, we headed to Wild Orchid and had some kick-ass food and listened to great music. Came back home and was talking to a friend from office on the phone till the wee hours of the night(or morning). It was also an interesting thing. Last night was February 5. Last year on the same day, i was with the 2 Musketeers at a movie in IMAX and we headed for Orchids for Dinner. This year too was the same thing. Last year, all of us were sober. This year too.
Today, happens to be, my mum's 60th Birthday. Its crazy how one year has passed so fast. This time last year, we had a great Pizza Lunch and mum was so looking forward for 2012 as she would have officially become a senior citizen and got lot of benefits from her bank. But looks like, life had a totally different plan.
I posted something on facebook for mum, which i shall post here.

1) આમ ઘર નાં ચાલે - The house doesn't run that way.
2) હું સ્વતંત્ર ચુ. - I am an independent person.
3) બંગડી પેરી ને ભાંગરા કર સાલા *****- - Wear Bangles and Dance you ****** (Explicit)
4) હું વાલચંદ તેર્રચેસ નું ઇન્સ્તીતુતે ચાલવા ચુ - I run this institute of Walchand Terraces (The name of my apartment)
5) આ ઘર નાતી, એક ઐર્પોર્ત છે - This is not a house, its an airport.
6) એય ભાઈ/બેન, હું બે દિવસ થી ઘર નાં બાર નાતી ગઈ - Hey You(Angrily Sarcastically) - I have not stepped out of the house for 2 days.
7) ખબરદાર તી-વી ચાલુ કઈરું છે તો - બારી નાં બાર ફેકી દઈસ - Dare you switch on, the tv i will throw it out of the window,

These and many of other immortal one liners, funny then, and even funny now. Always brings a smile to our faces.
Those who knew my mum would know in what context its being spoken.
Kind of keeps us remembering mum and brings a smile to our face.

Dear Mum,
You lived like a rockstar. You left this planet as a rockstar. 2 of us, no matter how much we may have had our shares of differences(and in the end it was always you who won), we will always miss you and would always want your presence to be felt.
Wishing you a very happy birthday, wherever you are rocking up there.

Today will only be for mum. That does not, in any way, mean i have forgotten my beloved, because of whom i started this blog. I will still and always will, love you.

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