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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 787

So it was more or less the usual grind. On Wednesday Night, after work, i went to see - Haywire. Now this one is more or less like Steven Soderberg's version of Kill Bill. Kick ass action. The lead actress, aptly cast, is a professional fighter in real life. Thursday morning had to wake relatively early and had to spend a couple of hours in paper work and kinda reorganizing my financial porfolio under the watchful eye of Uncle Scrooge. Work has been usual. I had to wind up slightly early on Thursday night as i had to go to the hospital next morning. By the time i reached hospital, was almost 11:00(Thanks to the great traffic) and by the time i figured my way to get to the blood bank, it took 15 minutes. The complex of the hospital is that huge. The doctor in charge told me to have something more to eat as the procedure for Plateletpheresis was going to take atleast 90 minutes and would cause nausea and tingling in the mouth along with weakness. Now unlike blood donation, platelet donation is different. The blood is removed, the platelet is separated and the blood is injected back to the systesm. Atleast thats what i have been told. And as per Standard Medical Procedures followed world wide, one can give Platlets, 24 times a year. I am hopeful that the person who needs it wont have to take so many transfusion. I can imagine the plight of the patient, for whom this transfusion was required. The needle was inserted in my vein for exactly 81 minutes and by the time the procedure ended and till right now, my arms are paining. And i was feeling weak, low and generally mood out. Imagine what the patient in question, or for that matter anyone who is hospitalized, must be going through when that person has needles poking out left right and centre. And some of them have to take blood transfusions, Intravenous medicines almost every other day. It takes real mental strength to go through that. I didnt want to come back home as it would have been useless so i decided to hop over at an office colleague's house nearby. His mum was kind enough to give me lunch and i couldnt believe my appetite when i actually ate twice of what i usually have for lunch. I guess this would be due to the transfusion.
Work was usual except that i was unusually low and just wanted to rest.
As i write this, its 4th of February here in India.
A day i will never forget. One is because of a very personal reason(And i guess a few of you who read this blog would know), and one is because exactly a year back, my rakhi sis lost her 2 year old daughter.
I really dont have any words to describe what i am going through and definitely in no position to even feel what Meghna would be thinking or feeling.
I will end this blog on a poem that i read:-

In a perfect world,
death would never be.
Love would be forever,
and last eternally.

In a perfect world,
you’d still be by our side,
lighting up our happy lives.
You never would have died.

In a perfect world,
sadness would not be found.
Love and life, and happiness
forever would abound.

Perhaps that perfect world
awaits us when we die.
A world where eternal bliss
is found in heaven’s sky.

We’ll cling to faith and hope,
for God is a God of love,
and in His time we’ll join you
in a perfect world above.

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