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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 784

I am on a super movie spree the last couple of days. My schedule has been amazing. I wake up, do my usual stuff in the morning, go to office in the afternoon and slog my ass out. After work i catch up a late night show. So on Monday night I saw The Descendants. I only have to say this -- George Clooney was awesome in the movie. Its a brilliant movie. In countless ways, i could relate to what was happening in the movie. And George Clooney playing the protagonist and both of us sharing the same birthday, he has to win the Best Actor Oscar this year. I woke up on Tuesday morning, in one of the worst low moods ever. I guess it would be the full moon effect. I got a call from the mother of the person who i was supposed to give my blood. Fortunately, the patient got the blood, well actually platelets, this week but she did say she will require it next week. So that was a sense of relief. For those who didnt know, last week, I had got a call from someone who needed blood platelets for a leukemia patient. I am a member of an online group where, if anyone needs blood donors, they can contact us. So this lady who had come from Tripura had contacted me. When i went to the famous Tata Cancer Hospital in Bombay for the tests, i was shocked. Shocked at the huge crowd of people who were there. Which only proves that there are so many Cancer Patients in this country. And being a premiere cancer research institute in this country, its understandable why so many people from so far away would come here to be treated. And at times, when people dont have accommodation nearby, they actually sleep on the pavements just so that they dont stay far from the hospital.
One thing our country is lacking, apart from more educational institutes, are medical facilities. Facilities in terms of Doctors, Surgeons, Hospitals, Specialty Nursing homes. In a country where there is just 1 Medical Doctor for 2000 people and just 1 nurse for every 2950 people, the figures are something the government needs to look at and do some serious soul searching.
That less than 1.5% of GDP is spent on health care is something that the Government should be ashamed of. More money is spent on Defense than health care, education and food combined.As one of my friend said - India has lost it. I add and say, When did it ever have it ?
On tuesday night i went to see another hit movie - Contraband. The movie has its thrilling moments but the ending is so cliched.
Its Wednesday and almost time for lunch and then back to the grind.
I will leave with this special poem for my beloved:-

You don't have to say a word
I can see it in your eyes
I know what you wanna say
It's so hard to say goodbye

I can hold back my tears
And try to be strong
While our love is falling apart
I know what I'll say
If you walk away
But what do I do
What do I do with my heart?

I'm not gonna say a word
I know I can't change your mind
You know where you need to go
I know I'll be left behind

I won't hold you back
I won't stand in your way
If you need to make a new start
But I still wanna know
When my arms let you go
What do I do
What do I do with my heart?

Oh, girl, don't you remember?
It was not so long ago
We were makin' plans for two
Just me and you
Now you tell me that you've found somebody
Someone who loves you better
No one could ever love you
The way I do

Tell me you're not leaving now
Tell me you're not leaving
Tell me that you're gonna stay
Please say you'll stay with me, baby
Tell me that you love me still
Say you love me still
For this and this alone I pray
Fall down on my knees and pray

I'll do anything
Yes, I would
To save what we have
To keep you by my side
I'll love you 'til death do us part
But what do I do
What do I do
When I'm still missing you?
What do I do
What do I do with my heart?

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