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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 782

Its been a gruesome week, last week. Gruesome where work is concerned because there was so much to do and so little time. And in that event, everyone of us made silly mistakes, which got highlighted to the people we report above and drove the ire of my generally cool reporting manager. But of course, if there are mistakes, there will be rectifications. The issue is, the rectifications of these mistakes, due to a system limitation, leaves a scar of wound behind which is immutable. Guess these are some of the occupational hazards, along with Saturday working, that i will have to deal with and somehow even find a way out of it. I was eagerly waiting for the weekend because this was one weekend in which we had our monthly saturday off. Was travelling to Malvan, a town on the coast of the konkan strip of Maharashtra. Infact if there was a separate state of Konkan in Maharashtra, then Malvan would have been the capital. Now, like most of the konkan coastal towns, Malvan doesnt have a rail route or an airport. One has to get down at a railway station (which is very far away) and take the local state transport buses. And the Indian railway branch of this side of the country, the konkan railway, is invariably booked, 3 months in advance. It takes real luck to get tickets. Fortunately i managed to get it. I took the night train to a small town called Kankavali. Reached Kankavli in the morning at around 10(The train was running an hour late) and since that happened, i missed a connecting bus to Malvan. I had to wait a little over 1 hour for the next bus. The ST buses in Maharashtra are known for the cheap fares and the most uncomfortable seating. But really, what can you expect from a USD $0.75 ticket for a 60 KM drive. Fortunately, the roads, like the scenery were good and i was on a bag pack tour so it was not uncomfortable for me.
I reached Malvan at around 12:45 PM, and hired an auto rickshaw to take me to my hotel, which was situated at the beach facing the famous Sindhudurga Fort. I freshened up and then headed for a small temple town of Aanganechiwadi for a very personal spiritual visit. After the visit, headed back to Malvan City Centre and took a boat ride to the famous Sindhudurga Fort.
This is a fort that was built under the vision of King Shivaji and like the famous Janjira fort, its within the sea. The Fort is huge with a permeter of almost 5 KM.
The process to go to the fort is simple, for INR 37, a boat will ferry you to the fort, you can explore it alone or with the help of a guide(I preferred alone) and the same ferry will take you back after an hour. There is,also, a separate section for Snorkeling which takes about 30 minutes but i didnt do as i didnt have extra pair of attire with me. I will be uploading the pictures of the fort and the temple before i leave for work today.
After taking a few pictures and exploring the fort, i came back to the Hotel. I watched some TV, explored the beach and the city centre market, had a nice dinner and was sitting at the porch of the hotel in the night and just being with myself.
I woke up at 8 AM next day(Very very early for a sunday morning) and went to another place around 6-7 KM away called the Bhadrakali Temple. Again, my visit was very personal.
After that headed for Tarkarli. This is a small beach village which has a huge, clean, near virgin, beach. There is the famous MTDC resort in case anyone wants to stay for a day or two.
I was very impressed. I just sat at the beach, took some pictures and then enjoyed the serenity and peace.
After that headed back to hotel for lunch and then to check out.
Very fortunately, my return ticket to Bombay was confirmed after being in waitlist for almost a month. This train is the Janshatapdi train which is the fastest and the cheapest cost train on the Konkan Route.
I was not surprised when i boarded the train back from Kankavali, there were lot of waitlisted passengers who boarded the train (Although its not legal for them to do that) and preferred standing 7-8 hours in the train back to Bombay rather than sitting 12 hours in a bus.
Needless to say, the train was late by almost 30 minutes. I alighted at Dadar and came home in a cab. Was quite tired after a long journey.
My blog was due and i thought the morning time would be the most ideal one to update it.
In some time i will be heading back to work and hopefully i will catch up a movie in the night.
Till then, a poem for my beloved:-

Your love
feels like the sun
evolving within me
shining straight through my heart..
melting away my soul
with only an silhouette
left in the shadows...
~Your love
has captured me
taken over every element of my being
I want to stay in prison forever
if your love has to leave
it moves through me
like leaves blowing with the wind
never having an end
no destination
only grows an grows
like an tornado spinning out of control
I know your love is dangerous
but, still I want more
I can't let go of your Love..

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