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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 777 -- early

Monday was back to routine work. As promised, it was choc-a-block situation at work. Was working till nearly 10:40 PM. And in the process of doing things fast, made a few mistakes as well. Grrr. I wanted to catch a movie at the 11 PM show. So i saw Coriolanus. Now that happens to be a William Shakespeare play which has been interestingly acted and directed by Ralph Fiennes. The setting, however, is modern day Rome. Something like that was tried a few years ago in Titus by Anthony Hopkins. And yes, the language is in Shakespearean English so it is extremely difficult to comprehend whats happening in the film, but powerhouse performances by the lead actors. I came home, and by the time i slept it was around 3 AM. I had to wake at 9:30 AM and rush out to complete some paper work. This time, it was my own paperwork, which I didnt want to delay. And came home by around 1PM. Since i didnt get a proper 8-9 hours of sleep, it was obvious that i was going to be extremely tired and sleepy in office. Today, was one of the worst days at work. Nearly every one of my team members, was feeling extremely lethargic, tired, sleepy or had an headache. Surviving the 8-9 hours was going to be nothing less than torture. And the result, i dont know about anyone else, but i made a few little goof ups at work. And some stuff, which otherwise, would have taken me 2-3 hours to do took me nearly 4 hours. My mental state, was not helping the cause. Anyways, i guess its one of those days. Had a nice dinner and then took it easy after that.
One of my good friends, messaged me in the morning, and asked me what was the paranormal activity that i wrote about, in my blog, that happened in my house ? Well, let me rephrase, it wasnt a paranormal activity as such, (Well technically you could call it but thats a different topic) but i would say it was more of a spiritual upliftment that i must have got. I am not even sure whether it would be appropriate to write about it right now, but i can assure you that one of these days, i will write about it.
Tomorrow promises to be another hectic day. It is also a crucial day for me, as in the afternoon, i will be going to a hospital to donate blood to a patient suffering from leukemia.
Having known atleast 4-5 people who have passed away due to Cancer, i ca only pray that by giving blood, i will show some bright life in a person's life.
I will leave for the night.
And i will leave with this, for the person i still love (The hopeless in love guy that i am)...

I come before you with my heart in my hand
Hoping you can see me through this veil of tears
Somehow I've got to make you understand
Ah, don't you know me after all these years?

Oh, love, I hate to disappoint you
But there's something you should know

This is not the center of the universe
That's alright with me
This is not the center of the universe
But it's where I wanna be

I will be with you everywhere you go
In gentle breezes that caress your skin
And you will see me in the silent snow
In everything that comes around again

Oh, love, I'll always be beside you
Wherever you may roam
Someday, with all the stars to guide you
You will find your way back home

This is not the center of the universe
That's alright with me!!

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