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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 775 -- Early

Its been a good weekend. Woke up at around 11 AM after a long good night's sleep after being awake for almost 33 out of 36 hours. Of course, i was in no mood to go to office on a saturday, but some things have to be done. This was that saturday of the month where we have a monthly event at office. This month's theme was Stand Up Comedy. You could mimic, crack jokes and anything to make the audience laugh. And some of the talent was impressive. But, being me, i stayed away from the event till it ended. Turned out a colleague, amongts many other people, had mimicked me. Makes me famous, doesnt it ? So after that it was back to work. I though, Saturday, like most Saturdays at work would be relaxing and no one would be in the mood to work. But i was wrong. This was one of the rare Saturdays, that i was working right till the end. Some part of my job which was supposed to come at the start of the day, came after the 1st half got over. But all of that was compensated with a nice small Pizza Party at office. After work, along with the 2 musketeers, went to a common friend's house for another small party. Nothing too loud, but just a game of taboo and pizzas and cheese balls and all things healthy. After winding up, decided to drop the guys home, and would be great to go on a long drive. Came back home at around 2:30 AM only to find Little Purav crying (As he usually does when he wakes up) and the only thing that consoled him was TV. After he slept at around 3 AM, i was chatting with an office colleague online till 5 AM and who was extremely kind enough to help me revamp my blog. I thought i would sleep till noon but i was wrong. Got up, i dont know why, by 10 AM and was doing the usual Sunday stuff. I decided to sleep by around 3 PM for a couple of hours because i had to go out with Mitul for a long drive to Nerul to pick up Meghna from her mum's place. And it was a nice long drive in the Skod, except for a irritating 30 minute traffic jam near Govandi.
We went for a nice dinner at 4 Point Sheraton in Vashi. Mitul wanted to feel the new car so he drove on the way back and he was quite impressed. Was almost 11:45 PM by the time i reached home.
I will sleep in a while as tomorrow promises to be a long day. As far as my spiritual calling experiences go, i think i will leave it for another day. Perhaps tomorrow.
I will leave, on this ode for someone i love:-

Every night I'm lying in bed
holding you close in my dreams,
thinking about all the things that we said
and coming apart at the seams.

We tried to talk it over
But the words come out too rough.
I know you were trying
To give me the best of your love.

Beautiful faces and loud empty places,
look at the way that we live
Wasting our time on cheap talk and wine
left us so little to give.

That same old crowd was like a cold dark cloud
that we could never rise above
but here in my heart
I give you the best of my love.

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