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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 773 - Starts

Its been quite a day for me. I slept at around 1:30 am last night and woke at 3 AM. I had made plans to go to Shirdi. Shirdi is a temple town around 290 odd km north of Bombay and is the last place where Sai Baba preached and breathed his last towards the end of the 19th Century. I had gone with my family chauffeur. We left at 4 AM and reached the town at around 7:30 AM. The minimum temperature was around 6.5 degrees Celsius. To say that the weather was awesome is an understatement. We assumed that going to the famous Sai Baba Temple and going inside and seeking blessings would take around 3-4 hours but we were done in 30 minutes. Very impressive, considering hundreds of thousands of people flog the shrine every day. Some of them even come in large groups walking over 300 KMS on foot. Such is the faith of many people. Now to be honest, i was never someone who would believe in Sai Baba or his miracles. But somehow, i felt i had a spiritual calling, and I had to go there. And to be honest, from my personal experiences, one goes to these holy shrines only when one gets a "Bulawa" or a spiritual calling. In my next blog, i will surely mention about a few spiritual callings that I had got in my life.
There were 2 other, and very strong reasons, for me to visit the Shrine. One of them was something that i wanted to ask. You may call it a "Mannat" or a "wish" or anything you want. Its something that i wanted and i had to seek divine intervention to get. For those close to me, you may know what i am referring to. And Secondly, today, 6 years back, i had lost my dad. Now, as most of you would know, every year on this day, Mum and me used to go to Dad's favorite club and have some nice snacks and just think about all the good times we spent with dad. Now with mum not being around, i had to also pray for their souls to get rest.
So with everything happening much ahead of schedule, we had lots of time to spare. I decided, much against a reluctant chauffeur, to visit another small temple town a good 70 KM away called  shani shingnapur. I messaged my best friend Chaitanya, on my way to the temple town, that i would like to see him and his mum, in the evening. Only because i felt, he is the one person, who has stood rock solid with me in all my personal crisis, along with his mum, Avataar Baba and The Fat Guy. He called me generally.
Due to certain, extra ordinary circumstances, we had to take an u-turn and head back to Bombay. I would not like to go in to the nitty gritties but i would like to mention that as of now, i did not get a spiritual calling from Shani Shingnapur so was not destined to go there.
We decided to take an alternate road on the way back and although the distance was more or less the same, traffic and narrow roads ensured the return journey was atleast 6 hours. We did have 3 breaks in between. Two for some snacks and one for refuelling.  But parts of Malshej - Ghat had some outstanding view.
Met with Chaitanya on way back and we discussed quite a few things.
Coming back home was the usual crazy Bombay Traffic. Reached home by around 8:30 PM. Had a nice shower, went out for dinner alone at The Sun - Now newly renovated, slightly expensive but still awesome food. Mum would have had loved to come there.
And now I am home and about to sleep.
Today, i will not write an ode to my beloved. I am sure my beloved would understand that.
Today is for my Dad.
I wrote an eulogy for dad and would like anyone, interested, to read it.

Dearest Dad,
Its been 6 years, since you left us this day. But not a single day has gone when the 3 of us didn't remember you. And in the last few months, it has been just the 2 of us.
I can only say this, Thank you for being the best dad in the world.
We have had our shares of healthy differences and really it has bought us more closer together.
I sure hope you are looking at both of us from up above and sincerely hoping that you would know what is there in our hearts and mind and like the loving dad you have always been, ensuring we remain happy.
Miss you and love you a lot dad.

Will continue tomorrow. Its been a day of extreme mixed emotions :(:

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