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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 771

The last 1 and a half odd day have been, quite trying. Mentally, speaking. Again when i woke up last morning, i was feeling an all time low. The fat guy called me, and we kinda had a counseling session. Worked well for me. Then i saw something on facebook which, shocked me. A colleague in my ex-office, had passed away. We never knew each other, although we had 110 mutual friends but we knew each other through face. This chap, was almost 7 feet in height, An amateur babasketball player (So that would give you how fit he must have been) and from whatever eulogies that i read, he was one of the most sweetest guy one would have met. So why did it left me in a shock ? Not only because he passed away at such a young age, but also, because the cause of death was a cardiac arrest. I was thinking, this has to be the cruelest joke anyone would have played on someone. I can understand a person not taking care of his/her health and something like that happening. But a perfectly fit person passing away due to a cardiac arrest ? Just doesnt make sense. My assumption is that this would be more of a stress related thing rather than anything else.
Makes me thank the almighty that i left my previous job of working in odd hours at the right time. Well, it was a decision that was atleast 2 years late, and in that process i lost out on a lot , but almighty has been kind that i am still alive.

I cant even imagine what his folks must be going through right now. 
My prayers goes for Lino Gracias. May his soul rest in peace.

Work has been very routine. I have, however, noticed, that ever since we had a shift of places in the 1st week of the year, somehow, my workload has increased. No doubt, i have always managed to finish all my work within the SLA, but does get taxing at the end of the day. In a way, it is not something i should be complaining.about, because it does get my mind off a lot of things which it otherwise gets unnecessarily preoccupied with.
In the last few days, saw a few movies on the Laptop. Clint Eastwood's J Edgar (Not the best of his movies but worth a watch for die hard Clint Eastwood fans), Skyline(An unintentional funny Sci-Fi movie) and The Car(Rated as one of the most enjoyable worst movie ever made).

In a while now, I will have my lunch and get going to work. Tomorrow, is going to be, a day when i will be conducting a spiritual journey. Of course, i will update my blog as soon as i come back.

Will leave, on a special ode to my beloved.

I will never forget
the days we once had
The days when you
were anything but bad
My mind used to tell me
we’d be together forever
But now I can see
This was all a big failure
The feelings I have for you
will never go away
I wish I could erase the past two years
at least for a day
Never did I think of the astonishing
pain I would endure
This pain I cannot tolerate
for ever more
Makes my heart shatter
in a million pieces
My mind is filled with thoughts
of our long kisses
I sometimes wonder
if you still think of me
Or if to you, I’m just a green paper tree
But for now , I’ll sit here silently remembering
All the memories of your our courting
Everyday my love for you
drifts slowly away
Hoping that some day
I will break the cliche.

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