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Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 702

The day has come. I will be leaving tonight on a 2 week vacation. Munich, Salzburg, Los Angeles, Malibu(Hopefully), Las Vegqas and Greenville. I have been planning this trip since the last 3 months and finally all things are in place and i will be catching the flight tonight for Munich. This is the first time that i will be travelling alone and i know, that no one in my family has ever travelled alone anywhere. They may have gone for business trips or marriages but never for travelling. I am very excited and when i come back, hopefully i will upload the pictures sooner and not a week later.
This week has been relatively calmer. Apart from the usual manic mondays, there was nothing much to write about work. All my scheduled work had been done much before the stipulated deadline. Managed to see Tintin directed by Steven Spielberg last night at a preview show. I would only like to say, -- Let your thirst for adventure be unquenchable. Thundering typhoons, go watch the movie. Re-live your childhood. Spielberg has made a classic. Motion capture special effects at its best.
And for some of you who were concerned whether i managed to pack my bags properly. Thanks, i have done that. With lots of help from uncle scrooge. Now only some papers remain which i shall pack in my carry bag before i leave.
I will try to update my blog from the hotels but i cant give any assurance because i would rather spend the money on chocolates :)
Well, so long folks. Hope to catch up after a couple of weeks.
Stay well - everyone.

And for my loved one....

One day I read a book of love
When I turned the pages I was shocked
I looked closely and saw you and me
It’s our story, but as if all were just a dream

Pictures and faces of our memories together
For only a week of fun and laughter
I thought it was forever but hell, no!
Gone with another one, a devil in disguise though

I can’t imagine how I fell in love with you
All I know is you’ve made my heart beat
The only reason it beats is you, only you
Maybe it’s the simplest thing it could mean

But just like how I was love struck on you
Is how sudden I died when you left me
Emotionally killed with your absence
Not leaving a single footstep under my knees

Why have you abandoned me? Left me deserted?
So much was my love for you from the start
After years of being a fool in your arms
You walked away without saying a word or two

Funny it seemed that I have been foolish
Not knowing the worth of my tears I wasted
I cried as if ‘twas my last day in this world
Yet I must go on my life even without you

Dear, loving you forever is not a promise
Rather a treasure to cherish for a lifetime
Showing you how much I truly love and care
Is proving to you that my heart is bare

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