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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 687 -- HAPPY DIWALI -- Day 687

Wishing everyone of you a happy Dhanteras and seasons greetings for a great diwali and a very prosperous Vikram Samwat 2068. This is the 1st diwali when none of my folks will be physically present to enjoy it. I remember, in my growing years, Diwali would be the one festive season which was the most anticipated amongst any other festival or vacation, during the year. With new clothes, sweets, crackers, lights, and during the last couple of years, travelling abroad. It was awesome. The kind of feel-good factor that comes with this festival is unmatched for. This is the 1st time in 7 years that i had actually gone to work during Diwali. Otherwise, traditionally, i always take a break from work and be at home with people i love the most. But due to certain company policies and the dynamics of the new workplace, it was required that i should be at work.
So to make the best of it, we kind of, celebrated Diwali at office. The entire office is decorated with lanterns, paintings, colorful stuff, Rangoli, lights etc and looks very pretty. Of course, no one is in the mood to work so as usual. the work is not happening at the best of our efficiencies. But i am pretty sure this would be accounted for.
In the next couple of days, i will be uploading a few pictures of my office.
Even at home, despite all the setbacks that we have personally gone through this year, we have tried to keep up with the tradition of Diwali.
It is not as colorful as what it used to be till a few years back, but we have bought a couple of lanterns, a few small traditional Diyas and keeping the house clean.
We bought a new car, Skoda Laura, and needless to say, its awesome. The pick up and the comfort makes you feel that you are not in a car, but an aeoplane.
Last night, Scrooge and I took the car out for a spin. We went to Baadshah - Probably the oldest fast food joint in the Country - Over 100 years old. Had some awesome Burgers and chocolate milkshake.
This joint was started over 100 years back serving basic indian snacks and lots of juices and traditional indian beverages. Over the last decade or so, its started to serve every fast food under the sun that you may think of.
I would recommend this place for anyone who comes to Bombay for travelling.
You cant miss it as its bang opposite the famous Crawford Market.
I decided to write todays blog in the morning, and will try to write a few blogs in the morning because this is a a good time to write. In the morning, by far, one would be in a more positive mood and hence some of the words and thoughts that come through would be more, to put it nicely, good to the eyes.
In a while i will be having my lunch and leaving for work.
Today, i remember, all my loved ones that i miss. Some have departed for the heavenly abode. Some are there in this earth but somehow have distanced themselves.
I truly hope and pray that Vikram Samvwat 2068 brings happiness, not only in my life, but in lives of everyone who have gone through personal setback in the last year.
I hope and pray that we always get what our hearts truly want and hopefully by the time Vikram Samvat 2069 comes, everything would be back to being good all over again.

As I leave, i will dedicate this ode to the person, i still love...

There are so many words I cannot say,
when I look into your eyes.
I want to be able to tell you one day,
but I'm left speechless every time that I try.
You must have stumbled across the key,
and discovered so much more.
You found a hidden place in me,
you found my heart and opened the door.
And I cried in pain
of losing my dear friend.
Will it ever be the same again?
If it passes will it be the end?
I realized it was worth so much,
as I lie in bed that night.
So I allowed my soul to be touched,
without even putting up a fight.
Are my eyes deceiving me,
when I see you standing there?
Are you playing games,
just to prove I care?
You speak my name in a prelude,
in a reference to love,
with such loving attitude,
as if it were a message from above.
With the palms of your hands
pressed firmly against mine,
a white doves lands,
and the sun begins to shine.
Someday I will see,
though that day has not come yet.
You'll say you love me,
but will you ever forget?
If that happens and my spirit dies,
if my emotions drop,
will you want to hold me when I cry?
Or will the love just suddenly stop?
We can't expect to fall in love and never cry.
You'll stay and play your part,
but after the beauty starts to die,
will your footprints still be on my heart?
Though it would be hard to say goodbye,
your friend I'll always be,
as long as we always try,
to keep the friendship between you and me.
The letter I will not send
will casually inquire,
how could you have brought it to an end?
I was your one desire.
After this life is over,
you'll be one person I know I'll miss.
It'll be too late to start over, and so I leave you with this...
I'll hold you for a lifetime,
if you'll just hold my hand.
We could have a wonderful time,
in the days we have not yet planned.

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