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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 683

My roller coaster ride with my emotions have continued this week. Its been low, a bit high, again low, again a bit high. But mostly low. It seems that the feeling of being hurt is showing up. Most of the time my feelings were confided or were in the form of writings on my blog. Somehow they have started to come out. As i have said, that if there are certain things which are inevitable, i will live with that. But does that mean i dont have the right to be hurt ?
Over the weekend i have been speaking to a, lets say, a motivational speaker. I would consider this as an alternative therapy considering my personal situation.
I have realised that at times, you need to speak out, not only to your close friends, but also to professionals, mostly a neutral person, who will not judge you but will atleast hear you out and make you walk in a positive path and in a positive way. So hopefully the sessions over the next couple of weeks would do me good.
What i have learnt, majorly, from these sessions is that nothing is impossible. Your thoughts are the only thing that can make them so. All other external, measurable, conventional, logical factors dont have the strength to make your goals impossible. It is always your thoughts. Your sub conscious. And those goals can be anything. And when i mean anything, i literally mean, ANYTHING.
Over the next few weeks, i will try and write more about this aspect but i would rather get a first hand experience on it before commenting.
I can, surely, say that this has worked for me superbly in my professional life. In my professional life, whatever i have wanted, i have always got.
Sometimes, the wait was a bit more than usual but it was worth it. God has been kind enough to give me the courage and the conviction to make me have those positive thoughts.
Sadly, as of now, its not worked all that well in my personal life. Maybe i concentrated so much on my professional life that i didnt give it enough time in my personal life. But going forward, i resolve to give it as much importance.
And i resolve, that even in my current situation, i will aim to have my thoughts such, that what i want in my personal life, i will get it. And no factor that i mentioned above will stop me from getting it.
At office, it was all fun and frolic. We had a regional food festival at office on Friday. It was 9 different 100% vegetarian food fiesta from 9 different regions of India. Most of us had come dressed in the local attire. The food was awrsome. The decor was second to none. And mostly, we had a party for nearly half a day in the office. Of course no one was in the best of moods to work but somethings are inevitable. The celebration continued in the night when few of the office colleagues decided to have dinner out in a nice restaurant. With cheese naan, cheese kofta and what not, it was awesome.
In the night, i had gone to my best friend's house and stayed there till 3 AM. It was not really a guys night out but i went because despite all the nice stuff in office, i was still feeling low due to my personal life.
Somehow, being a 3 AM friend, he gave me a listening ear and i was a bit ok after that.
Was 5 AM before i got some sleep at home. I woke up at around 10 AM and then after shower headed for the comic conventions at WTC in bombay.
All i can say that, if you are a comic lover, you shouldnt miss this one and i am glad i went. Even Kashyap loved it and Purav absolutely freaked out.
I relaxed for a bit in the afternoon as i was feeling low again. In the evening i went out for a nice meal of Pizza at Smokin' Joes and it was kind of a chacha-bhatija night out. Purav loved it and was not very happy when i told him we have to go home after dinner and drive. Having all his grandma's genes, all he wants to do his hang out of the house for 25 out of 24 hours of the day.
Sunday was spent mostly usual. In the afternoon watched The Rugby World Cup Final.  A Super intense match which New Zealand convincingly won 8-7 against France. France played tremendously well, but new zealand got the slight edge/
In the evening, i again went to the Comic Con. This time , with Avatar Baba. Being a fellow comic freak, even he freaked out.
Had dinner with The fat guy and Avatar Baba at Santoor. And no, i didnt consume alcohol.
Laughed at a few new jokes but the usual leg pulling was not not very prominent. And now that i am home, i will simply finish my blog and wait for the week to start.
Before i leave, i will dedicate this poem to *******

As I walk along the shore
Thinking of someone whom I adore
How I wish she will explore
The future with me and what’s in store
I can’t promise richness on that score
But I have love and sincerity at the core
I don’t know what’s on her mind and more
But I sure hope I get the answer I’m looking for!

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