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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 673 --> Starts

Been usual week. Last weekend, i had my work offs on Saturday and Sunday. So it was 2 days of much needed rest. Saturday was spent having a nice heavy lunch of butter naan, malai kofta and chocolate mouse. I thought i would spend the afternoon sleeping but uncle scrooge forced me to go for a car test drive. Thinking of buying between a Chevrolet Cruize and a Skoda Laura. 2 good cars with different features. The one car which has all the features of the two cars is the Skoda - Superb but its beyond Budget. Lets see which one we'll end up buying. In the evening, had to take Purav Dada out for a spin because he was mind fucked sitting in the house and like his grandma (god rest her soul) wanted to step out of the house. So took him to Crosswords. While he had a ball of a time running around the children's section, what really freaked him out(in a nice happy way) was when i took him to the 1st storey which was filled with toy cars. Now being a little fella, Purav is highly obsessed with cars. And when it was time to leave he started bawling because he just wanted, not to leave. Then there was a funny but a cute incident when a good looking chick, who i didnt know, tried to console Purav and the moment she did that, Purav was calm and gave a nice smile to her. The moment the lady turned her back, he started crying again. I bought him a remote controlled car which he absolutely loved. In the night, saw 30 minutes or less in a theatre. An absolute laugh riot and i cant remember when was the last time i laughed so much while watching a movie.
Next day, woke up at around 10 AM. Visited my grandpa(Mom's dad) and he was very happy to see us.
Afternoon was spent having a nice heavy lunch from Govindas - Pizzza et al.

In the evening, met up separately, with a couple of ex-office colleagues and it was nice catching up with them.
Monday morning, i had no intentions of going to work and had to literally push myself to work. On top of it, had been given a relatively new set of work to do and in the process of doing it faster than the usual joe, i ended up missing quite a few things. So another learning experience. Yesterday, was spent in doing a different set of paperwork for which i had to visit the SBI head office at BKC. Again, the work itself didnt take much time as did the commuting. Plus, with some motherfucking VIP on the way, traffic was chaotic.
I thought i would update my blog but was so busy filling up slip books of quite a few dividend cheques that i was tired and decided to call it a day.

Its Thursday morning and now i am off to work.
Of course i cant end the blog with a poem for my loved one:-

How far my angel can fly?
Her wings have disappeared & she wants to cry.

The night was queer
The night was long
She forgot the lyrics of her favorite song.

I tried my efforts to make her smile
But she went away too far
She covered up several miles.

I cried whole night waiting for her
She didn’t appear and was lost in another world.
I prayed to God for her happiness and strength
This feeling turned me off
I felt like two different human beings at the same time.

The night passed away like a nightmare
She left all of us aloof because pain was hard to bear.

I didn’t search her and let her go
My world didn’t give her happiness anymore
This is how my life has been changed?
Where shall I search my angel again?
Where shall I create my world without any pain?

I miss my angel
I miss my world
I want to become the part of her life
I wish she was here
I wish she was around to bless us and smile!!!

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