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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 667

Its been a week which has seen the death of a legendary businessman. Steven Paul Jobs. Founder of Apple Inc, a true rockstar amongst businessmen. Anything i say will be not be enough for praises.
On October 5, 2011, the great Steve Jobs left for heavenly abode. He was only 55. Some people say he died. I would say, he just crossed the river.
People in India, and specially those who watch Hindi Films, have seen so many movies about an Orphan making it big and living happily ever after.
Well, looking at Steve Job's life, it was nothing less than a fairytale. Born out of wedlock, to an Syrian Muslim Father and a catholic mother. He was put for adoption. He did eventually meet his biological parents and even his biological sister. But he had very very humble start. He never finished college. Got idea of Apple Computers by a calligraphy class he had taken and had always attributed that. At times he didnt have money to eat food so would go to the local chapter of ISKCON temple and get free food. It was his visit to ISKCON that made him come to India and stay here for 2 years when he was fired from Apple in the mid 80s and he was seriously contemplating being a spiritual person. He had attributed his success, to a large extent, on his trip to India. And when he came back to Apple (Well, his company NexT was taken over by Apple so he didnt really get re-hired as such) it was only an upward graph.
Iphone, Ipad, Imac, IPod. With his large vision, single minded dedication, doing things daringly different, he succeed like no other businessman could. At last count, Apple Inc had more cash reserves than the US government.
I remember working in Hutchison 3G and how customers would go berserk on getting hands on the latest Iphone.
People queuing overnight and a 1 month delivery ETA was business as usual for apple phones.
Apple Inc and specifically have revolutionized internet and Communication technology like no other business has. To the extent that Apple Inc has a ratio of 80% customers referring an Apple Product to their family and friends. Trust me guys, this is a fantastic achievement.
Apple Inc has been the most liked brand in the history of any kind of business.
That Steve Jobs was a hard taskmaster is a different story all together.
To be honest, the world was always divided in to Windows Users and Mac Users.
Somehow, i could never get myself to work on a mac(even though Macintosh was the first ever computer that i used way back in 1985).
I have come from a family where we have been taught, Why pay 100 bucks when you can get the same features for 10 bucks and why pay 10 bucks when you can get it for free ?
And its for the same reason why i always admired Bill Gates and was always annoyed that Apple Inc never made equivalent products at a competitive price.
But over the last few months, i have realised that maybe, thats what made Steve Jobs a great businessman. It was all about quality and making people pay for quality and get its worth. To the extent that, i know, of so many people who have refused to work on any Windows Platform and have totally converted themselves to mac addicts.
And once you are a mac user, its loyalty till death. Atleast thats what i have heard most of the people say.
A friend asked me, would you like to lead the life of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. And i had to tell that friend that I admire steve jobs and the way he lead his life....but i would always prefer being amongst the top 10 rich people of the world.
This is, in no ways, implying that Steve Jobs didnt lead a good life. He had a great life. But somehow, i would still like to be in Gate's shoes. After all, to each one his own.
But here's to someone who introduced me to computers, who revolutionized the world of Music, Computers. Internet and wireless communication.

Steven Paul Jobs - 24th February 1955 -- Forever.!!!!
Maybe Mum would meet him up there...!!!

For those who would like to share their thoughts, memories and condolences, apple has put up an email -
I will be writing to them over the weekend.

Moving on to my life, its been usual. Work has been piling like crazy. But its better to be piled up in work rather than piling up in non-work related things.
Today i had to do some major paper work for my mum's assets. The work, istelf, was not more than 20 minutes. But the commuting to that wretched place, Andheri (East) was nothing less than a night mare. With the metro work going on for almost half a decade, travelling to that part of the city is a big pain in the ass.
I would say if you want to punish someone in Bombay, ask him/her to commute daily to Andheri(East) for 1 week. Anyways, with that work being done, it was back to work for me. Fortunately i have got the weekend off so i plan to just take it easy and sleep through most parts of it.
I will also indulge in eating out and having a great lunch and sleeping in the afternoon. I need that more than anyone else right now.
And before i wind up for the night, here's a tribute to Steve...

We didn't get to say goodbye

We're devastated that you're gone

We'd've done anything to keep you here with us

Right here where you belong

We didn't know that life would take

Such an unexpected path

That you'd be separated from us so soon

Heartbreaking reality we struggle to grasp

And bitter though our losing you has been

And so profound is the pain that we bear

We're sadder still at no chance for goodbye

No final expression of our deep love and care

Yet believing that you're not too far away

That your Spirit still lingers quite near

We'll say our goodbyes in our words and our thoughts

Trusting that each one you'll hear

First, know that you were loved in the truest of ways

So deep that only our hearts can give expression

You'll be forever surrounded by our love

For we're sending it straight up to Heaven

Please know that you'll be cherished by each one of us

For your example and kindness we'll treasure

We understand now how your life was a gift

That was meant to bless us forever

And though we'll miss you terribly

We want your Spirit to be free

Free to enjoy all the wonders of Heaven

Not bound to us in our grief

So watch over us with happiness from Heaven

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