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Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 663

After weeks and weeks of paperwork, last week, post tuesday afternoon, was a breather. I am still getting used to a 6 day week and although i have no complaints as far as work is concerned, i wish, at times, that i had a 5 day week so that i can spend more time in catching up on sleep. Fortunately my work timings allow me to sleep till late and i am even home at a relatively decent time considering my 20 minute one way commuting time. I caught up on a couple of hindi movies on DVD, Saw the critically acclaimed, I Am and Aanch (2003). The former was a decent attempt at a new genre of story telling. Aanch was a great case of an interesting story and 2 stalwarts in lead roles and the execution and production values going in dump. On Thursday morning, i went to a nice eatery at bandra to meet a friend. The place is candies. Had some nice lasagna and chocolate milkshake. Would recommend this place for someone who is a foodie and the ambiance is great as well.  This sunday, caught up with the 2 musketeers. Saw a new hindi movie in a theatre. Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster. A kind of a modern day interpretation of the classic Sahib, Biwi aur Ghulam with a few twists and turns. A well made, well acted film which WONT do well because our great Indian audience would prefer crap like Bodyguard, Wanted, Ready and god knows what else.
Then went to Blend N Brew for a nice big dinner. It was a dry day so no alcohol but the Great Fat Guy still managed to get some scotch. I have decided to be a teetotaler for sometime. I dont know for how long, but it will be a long time, i can surely say that. I will try going the Vishwamitra way. Hopefully i will get some inner peace that i am searching for.
And who knows, maybe something else may take place.
Monday was the same. Lots of work in office and no mood of going but some things have to be done.
This week, promises back to be back to paper work in the morning and lots of work back in office.
Fortunately i have my weekend off so i am planning to sleep for most parts of it, unless something unexpected takes place.

And this time, a sad though lovely poem by Kaifi Azmi. Whether its for my beloved or not, its for you to decide.

Until next time...

मैं यह सोचकर उसके डर से उठा था,
के वोह रोक लेगी, मनालेगी मुझको.
हवाओं मैं लहराता आता था दामन,
के दामन पकड़कर, बिठा लेगी मुझको.
कदम ऐसे अंदाज़ से उठे थे,
के आवाज़ देकर, बुलालेगी मुझको.
मगर ना तो रोका, ना उसने मनाया.
न दामन पकड़ा, न मुझको बिठाया.
ना आवाज़ ही दी, ना वापस बुलाया.
मैं आहिस्ता आहिस्ता बढता ही गया.
यहाँ तक की उससे जुदा हो गया मैं.

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