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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 658

Hello everyone out there. Its been a spiritual week all the way. Over the weekend, i believe, i had a spiritual calling which meant i had to be at a certain holy shrine. And i also believe that there are certain holy shrines in the world, the more famous ones, where you will visit once you get a spiritual calling of in hindi it would be called a "Bulava". Where did i go ? Who did i go with ? What were my intentions ? What did i ask ? What did i get ? What did i do ? It doesnt matter. The only thing which matters to me, is, i request all of you to keep me in their good wishes and prayers. And just pray and hope that for whatever reason i would have gone to the holy shrine, for whatever was my mission. That should be accomplished and there should be a positive outcome for all the parties concerned. I spent almost double the time traveling and only half the actual time in that place. But i am sure, somewhere down there, my folks would be watching me from up there and would be ensuring that i pass my mission with flying colours.
I came back to the city on early monday morning and had a nice and comfortable time travelling. The one person i missed the most was my mum. Being an avid traveller, i am pretty sure she would have loved to come with me but i guess certain things will now only remain in memories.
This week, work wise, has been important. I have been given a different set of task which, is relatively easy but one needs to be very careful doing it. A single wrong thing would mean, in laymans term, erasing everything and starting all over again. Thankfully i have managed to grasp the nuances and within a week i would be able to master that assignment as well.
Tuesday, as my good friend, put it was a day of redemption for me. I will not go in to the niti-grity of what happened but if it was the road to perdition in a way, it was also the cape of good hope.
What happens now can be anyone's guess, but i am of the belief, if all the above factors work, then it would be only a divine intervention.

That same friend asked me that this blog, should have a poem dedicated to me for a change and not to my beloved.
I would like to thank that person from the bottom of my heart for being there with me when it mattered the most.
But somehow, this crazy heart is just that.... :)
So i would still dedicate this poem for my loved one..

I love you with all I am
And all I'll ever be.
You are my moon, my sun and stars,
My earth, my sky, my sea.

My love for you goes down and down
Beneath both life and death,
So deep it must remain when I
Have drawn my last faint breath.

Holding you for months and years
Will make Time disappear,
Will make your lips my lips, your face
My face, your tear my tear;

Will make us one strange personage
All intertwined in bliss,
Not man or woman, live or dead--
Just nothing--but a kiss!

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