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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 647

Its been a mentally taxing week. Had to go to a court in the city to complete certain personal legal procedures a couple of times. The procedure itself didnt take much time. The travelling, however, did. And on both the occasions i had to go to my bank for more paper work(Not related with my legal work but something which had to be done nevertheless). Some of you may be thinking, what is the legal work i am referring to ? A selected few would know what i am referring. In the due course of time i will update my blog. Watch this space for more.
I would say that waking up at 7:30 AM in the morning, rushing to the court, going to the bank, coming home for an hour, having lunch, and then going to the office and working till 11 PM has made me really exhausted. And that i have started to get sleep disorders, which has resulted in insomnia, dark circles and severe headaches at times. Sometimes i also feel giddy due to this stress. But somehow, there are certain things which are inevitable.
At this stage of my life, the only reason i am hanging on, is that i have got a very close support group which has helped me pass this difficult period, despite each one of them having their own personal issues to deal with.
Who says there are no angels ?
Today, being an "event-day" Saturday, we had a special day. It was Pizza day.
Pizza eating competition and then all the pizzas you want to eat -- on the house.  I, deliberately, decided to skip breakfast and lunch so that i could enjoy the party at office.
Had a couple of medium size Pizzas with Chilled Coke.
And since that was a very heavy lunch and since it was a saturday, once again, my work efficiency, along with many others, dropped drastically low.
And since i could not have dinner on time as my stomach was still working overtime on those pizzas, i somehow managed to bring my work efficiency at decent levels.
I wouldnt skip dinner at all so i decided to have some yummy butter naan and paneer kurma at Cafe Sadanand at worli.
And i came home, booked certain air tickets for my abroad trip in November(more details on that later) and decided to upload this blog.
I should call it a night now.
And here's to the person i still, hopelessly, love a lot....

As the time goes by, killed by hours of waiting,
The hope in last tears is revived.
When I chose to give in, I was so mistaken -
Couldn’t see that one reason to fight.
Then you’ve opened my eyes to the truth.
Please, forgive me for all times I lied
To myself… All I need now is you.

Just the rain reminds me of latter tears.
I close my eyes and dream again.
A breath of wind… I feel you here,
You’re life, still flowing in my veins,
And in each tear - each drop of rain -
I see your face… can’t live without you.

You’re every tear in my eyes,
Leave everything but you behind,
I’m locking all; I’m turning back
For the last time,
For you’re - my life.

Come to my dreams and stop the time,
Let know you’re here, my angel, fallen.
You’ve broken your wings - I’d give you mine,
And give you hope, from you once stolen.
You’re more than precious memories,
You’re my twin soul - your heart I’ll treasure.

And every time I look at the dawn,
Far at the horizon see your eyes.
You’re miles away, you’re there alone -
Your heart’s with me - I’m still alive.
I can’t pretend, I won’t even try
To escape from this love and to lie to both us…

You’re every tear in my eyes,
Leave everything but you behind,
I’m locking all; I’m turning back
For the last time,
For you’re - my life.

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