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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 588

Its been a week when i was, probably still am, not in the best of healths. With medicines for suspected stomach infection making you extremely lethargic and the other medicines making you just want to rest (Not sleep but rest). But such is life that i need to be at work, specially during the afternoons when i would rather have a nice siesta. The good thing about all this, is that the more i think about my personal life and see what a bloody mess it is, the more i believe that the only way to escape would be to be at work and give your best. Fortunately, the place where i am working does not have too much of work stress. There is always a lot of work to do but at the end, one enjoys doing that work. Some of the work we do is extremely monotonous and thats exactly what happened on Monday. I dont have a choice to say NO to work, but honestly, i would want to do work which involves using of the grey cells. So more often than not, if i get a difficult financial data to analyze, instead of skipping and going to the next one..I ensure that the one i have in my hand is analyzed and resolved. Something i learnt in my previous organization. Give an end to end resolution for all queries that you get. Having this attitude ensures that eventually one can get in to a stage where one becomes indispensable. Sunday was spent efficiently. Scrooge and me managed to collect 95% of our paper works for the much dreaded IT returns. Now hopefully in a day or two, we will complete all the files and give it to our CA.
The thing i want to do, going forward, is to ensure that the returns are up and ready by the month of May each year. No waiting for last minute filings and last minute panics. Most of the day was spent in Mum's room. And because it was filled and filled with papers, we couldnt even switch on the fan. So we had to do with the AC. And since Mum's AC can super chill the room, we had to switch after a couple of hours. But sitting without the fan on, means you can get real claustrophobic. But some stuff needed to be done, it has to be done.
Thankfully Work wise, the week has been good. Learnt quite a lot of new things and the part where i have decided, to learn something new at work, every day, is on track.

I guess i will need to hit the sacks now..

And for my sweetheart---

I believe, that there's something deep inside
That shouldn't be from time to time.
I sure found out, THAT love was such a crime.
The more you care, the more you fall.
When we touch, I just lose my self control,
A SAD sensations I can't hide.
To love is easy, it ain't easy to walk away.
I keep the faith and there's a reason why.
Now, I ain't big on promises, I'll be true to you.
I'll do 'bout anything, yeah,
for some one like you.
I miss you in a heartbeat.
I miss you right away.
I miss you in a heartbeat.
'cause it ain't love, if it don't feel that way.

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