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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 583

Hurt. Angry. Upset. And many more such negative emotions. Once again the city experienced serial Bomb blasts. Within a span of 20 minutes between 6:50 PM and 7:05 PM at Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and Kabutarkhana - Dadar. 2 of the locations were nearly the same vicinity where the 1993 serial Blasts took place. And this time, it was during the time when most of the offices shut so there is a huge crowd of people going home. And the 3 places mentioned are amongst the most crowded places in Bombay during most parts of the day. The attacks havent stopped since 1993 and at an average, we have had atleast 1 terror attack per year since then. This is no joke. The candle light marches, the smses asking us to keep the spirit of the city up etc does no good. Look at USA - After the dreadful September 11 Attacks, no mother fucking terrorist has ever bursted a fire cracker, leave alone a bomb. Same is the case with London after the 2005 underground rail blasts. And its been barely 3 years since the 26th November 2008 attacks in the city and yet there is another attack. And from what i understand on how things in this country runs, it wont stop. About 24 hours earlier, i had updated a status on Facebook - The future's uncertain, and the end is always near!!!
Looks like my last FB status was posted too soon....Lets not have any candle light marches or any spirit of Mumbai email or forward sms. If you really wanna burn something, lets torch the State Assembly for not providing the country's most tax payers basic security.
I could have been a victim of the blast. I could have lost my life or a part of my body. God has been kind that i was not. But what is the assurance about tomorrow ?
For the first time in many weeks, my work got affected because i was thinking, whats happening ? I was thinking about my loved one. The one person i still love more than anyone else. What if that person would have been there ? I couldnt eat dinner and frankly, i was in no mood. I was being selfish because today i thought about me and the person i love.
Thats all i have to say about that.

And for that loved one, a very very special something...i hope you read it..

Its one such day, when i cried.
Its one such day, when i died.
Read about you, thought about you, tried to get over with the l;ies.
Tried once again to live life.
Promises, faith, love was broken.
I walked alone to face the pain.
You dont have any idea.
You dont know what it means to live in vain,
Thinking about you, i died again.
Thinking about you, i cried again.

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