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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 581

Something is really wrong with me. I am not updating my blogs. I am not getting a good appetite. I have lost 3 KGs in weight (Well Mass really). The medicines are making me more lethargic. I feel like lying down on the bed through out the day and thank god for work in office or else i would have lost my mind. As, a few of you, may know the kind of personal crisis i am going through. And somehow, easier said than done, its not easy to snap out of it. This is an emotion we are talking about and not a machine with a switch which says off and on. Many have said, get over it. Move ahead. Not worth it. Only my true well wishers have said, hold on. We are with you. Fight till the end. Never say never. Thank you once again all you well wishers. I know there are maybe, 3-4 of you left in this world. But i appreciate all you support and no amount of words would be enough for what you have done for me in these last few months.
The week was just about ok, on a personal level. On a professional level, i have excelled in a lot of things. What people, in my position, took 5-6 months to achieve, i have achieved it in 2 months. And this is just the start. As, in my previous organization, my aim is to be in the position, where you are indispensable. By grace of God, wherever i have worked in my previous organisation. I mean, whichever department or team, i have come very close to getting there. And its only due to 2 factors. Smart Work and Honesty. Mind you, these are not contradicting terms. Anyone can work Hard. It takes mind to play smart. And of course, Honest. The one value i have always learnt in my 8+ years of working in a BPO/KPO field. Whatever is the case, be honest to your work.
In between all of this, i also managed to see a couple of movies. Larry Crowne(A very nice sweet simple film by Tom Hanks) and Mean Streets(Vintage Scorsese). There was a time when i used to see each and every movie that came by. I used to keep a record of all the movies that i have watched, from my child hood till date. For a long time i even collected movie tickets of all the movies that i have seen in a cinema hall. Slowly and steadily that phased out. Now a days, i am selective about the movies that i see in a theatre. Although i still watch many english movies but very very few hindi movies. Although now a days, the content of some of the hindi movies is better than some of the english ones. But those are few and far in between,
On sunday evening, the 3 musketeers decided to catch up at our favourite hangout. - Blend N Brew. Fat guy and me are off alcohol so we had some mocktails. Had the usual kababs and spoke our nonsense stuff. And it felt awesome to bond. Long live our friendship. Although this was a rare occasion where we didnt hog like pigs and just ate food enough for 1 person each.
Coming back i drove down the newly opened lalbaug flyover. And yes, it does save you enough time and fuel if you are travelling from Sion to Town in Bombay. You can save atleast 25 minutes and countless signals.
In the night was speaking to a friend and was kinda playing an Agony Uncle to that friend. Somehow, i have felt that people need someone to just hear them out. Not many people want to do that. And somehow, quite a few people still confide in me.
Monday was routine. I was not feeling good at all. And since, even though i couldnt sleep till 3 AM, i woke up at 10 AM. I did my stuff and then again, i went to sleep at 11:30 and woke up at 1 PM. I had my shower and somehow, forcing myself, had my lunch.
It was Business as Usual in office. I skipped one of my tea breaks so that i could have an extended dinner break where i can just sit down and relac. It was also high time i wrote my blog and i hope to be as regular as possible.

And for my sweetheart. My lovely, most beautiful, precious....

Where sunless rivers weep
Their waves into the deep,
She sleeps a charmed sleep:
Awake her not.
Led by a single star,
She came from very far
To seek where shadows are
Her pleasant lot.

She left the rosy morn,
She left the fields of corn,
For twilight cold and lorn
And water springs.
Through sleep, as through a veil,
She sees the sky look pale,
And hears the nightingale
That sadly sings.

Rest, rest, a perfect rest
Shed over brow and breast;
Her face is toward the west,
The purple land.
She cannot see the grain
Ripening on hill and plain;
She cannot feel the rain
Upon her hand.

Rest, rest, for evermore
Upon a mossy shore;
Rest, rest at the heart's core
Till time shall cease:
Sleep that no pain shall wake;
Night that no morn shall break
Till joy shall overtake
Her perfect peace.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you have been in poor health my friend. I hope you feel better, as far as the lethargy goes, soon. As far as the emotional turmoil goes, I can only offer you my prayers that things will find balance soon.