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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 559

I havent disappeared anywhere. I am all here. I just didnt feel like updating my blog. There is not much happening in my life, which i feel worthy, to write on a blog. Its the usual. Work. Home. Paperwork. Movies in some spare time that i got. Managed to catch West is West in a night show during the week after work and saw Bhendi Bazaar Inc today in the theatre. Interesting movies. Not classics but better than the trash that has been released this year. Also saw Bolo Ram, a much under rated movie and Punch Drunk Love on DVD. Work was the usual and so was the paperwork. The rains, somehow, have disappeared after mid week and although the weather is pleasant in the evenings, it is nothing less than torturous in the mornings and afternoon. The heat, just after the rains, is the worst. The humidity level increases so much, you feel you have completely drained yourself.  And the effects of global warming are showing with Summers getting hotter by the year. The winter's hardly there. The rains, are unpredictable. Is the Apocalypse coming ? I hope so. The sooner this world ends, the better off everyone else will be. I mean, with so much chaos going on, and practically everyone i know having a major fucked up personal life, it would make sense if the world ends. But of course, if each one of us would make a little contribution, in terms of being more positive, more loving and more fogiving, then maybe there is still hope. Maybe there is that little hope we are all looking...or rather pursuing. Today, for the first time, i went, with a friend, for a spiritual meeting near my area. I saw many people gathered, and practically everyone had some personal/professional problem or the other. No one's problem is big or small. A problem is a problem. The spiritual meetings or spiritual exercises dont promise to solve all the problems. But atleast it can help you face the problem and try to find the best possible resolution towards it. The resolution may or may not be something you want. But it would definitely be something you need. And in the hindsight, it would be better for you.   In the evening, i met up with a couple-friends of mine. They have been settled in Bombay for the last 1 odd year and i know the husband for nearly 12 years now. He is the first friend i met online and we had a common hobby, watching movies. We are big movie freaks. Or atleast were till the time we got over actively involved in our work. It was wonderful catching up with them after nearly 8-9 months and had a nice time watching a good movie. The drive to Malad was not bad at all. Reached in nearly 45-50 minutes(Which is great considering the evening traffic is always bad). But the worst fuck up was spending nearly 20-25 minutes in finding parking and luckily for both of us, we managed to find parking despite nearly 4000 vehicles being around and another 100-200 behind us. Coming back, reached home in nearly 45 minutes. Was a nice cool drive. The E7, besides being a great communicator is also a fantastic music player. And the  outside-sound proof earphones is the icing on the cake. One of my friend from my ex-office was angry at not updating my blog for a week and i guess today was a good time to update it. So..Girlfriend.....i have delivered my promise.

And to end.....a nice poem for my loved one..

She comes not when Noon is on the roses--
Too bright is Day.
She comes not to the Soul till it reposes
From work and play.

But when Night is on the hills, and the great Voices
Roll in from Sea,
By starlight and by candlelight and dreamlight
She comes to me. 

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