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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 553

Back after 4 days of hibernation. Its been raining a lot, and frankly, i am loving every minute of it. May it not only rain, may it pour. Thursday and friday were routine days. I managed to catch 2 movies on DVD. Kelly's Heroes - Clint Eastwood AND Reign over Me - Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. The former is one of Eastwood's slightly dull movie. The latter is a very underrated movie and proves what a fine actor Adam Sandler is. Thats as far as leisure is concerned. Saturday is 11th June. Dad's birthday. When mum was around, as a tradition, on dad's birthday and his death anniversary, we went to the temple and offered prayers and then went to his favorite restaurant and had some nice food and just kind of remembered dad. This year, there is no mum. And frankly, no one i know, would every connect with Dad in the way mom and i did. And with certain complicated issues on my personal front, i would say that mentally, i was definitely not in the best of mind. On friday night, i went over to a friend's place overnight to stay. On saturday morning, on dad's birthday, i went to a temple nearby and offered prayers. Not only for dad, but also for my own personal crisis to get sorted. It was raining extremely heavily on saturday. The low lying areas, as usual, of the city were under water. The trains were delayed. But for the first time, inspite of all this, i really really loved the rains. I had a lot of mix feelings that day. Mainly because, for the first time this year, i really missed mum and dad a lot. I may have fought like cats and dogs with mum. I may have had the most of differences with dad. But in the end, they were my folks. I cant forget the fact that i owe my existence on earth to them. And i must also not forget, that being humans, they had their share of flaws. And if they could accept me with my flaws, i should accept them with theirs. By the time i reached office, it was nearly evening and the roads were full of cars, my good levis shoes were super wet when ideally no water was meant to touch it, and i was wet and cold and tired because i had slept barely 5 hours in the night. But still, i managed to give my best output at work despite working for a half day. I came home tired and near dead. And had a nice hot shower and crashed to bed. Sunday morning, i woke up by around 10 and was still very sleepy. Had a shower and again crashed to bed. Had to go out with scrooge in the afternoon for some work and was out till the evening. Came home and decided to have pizzas after not eating much on Saturday. Decided to go out for a movie and saw Shaitan at INOX. Overhyped movie and over rated one. For someone who has been virtually bought up watching classy English Movies, this one is just an average fare. With a producer like Anurag Kashhyap backing the project, i hoped it would have been dark, but it was all a nice happy ending. Come on Mr Kashyap, you made classy movies like Udaan, Gulaal, Black Friday, No Smoking and even Paanch. Why couldnt you have made this one in a league like your previous ventures ? Anyways, that my point of view. And here i am, home.
Over the last few days, there has been 1 thing, which has been bothering me. The news channels of India. Specially NDTV. What the fuck.
MF Hussain dies, and virtually the whole day that is the only thing they are covering. What a great artiste. We couldnt do much for him. He died out of India. Such a patriot. Our PM even calls his death a national loss. What the fuck guys ? Grow up. He was just a painter. His contribution to the welfare of the society and humanity is zero. That guy had half a dozen lawsuits against him and he knew he would be guilty in most of them so he took political asylum in UK towards the end of his life. I didnt know that death of such people was a national loss. And if its not that, its Baba Ramdev. Another, so called, champion of masses who wants all the "black" money to come back to India. The same guy who is in the board of directors of several US incorporated countries and is drawing a big salary cheque for just having a large influence on the rich and famous.
I have made my TV viewing to a bare minimum. The only thing i can somewhat stand on TV are some good entertaining cricket matches and maybe some football when there is World Cup,.  Euro Cup or Copa America. Pretty sure most of them will be fixed as well. But i only watch it for the entertainment value. Just like how i watch movies. Sadly the news has become a mass entertainment as well.
Well, enough of me.
Now i will go and hit the sacks.
Tomorrow promises to be a start of a real long and a hectic week.

And for my beloved...

Only love,
Can make it rain,
The way the beach is kissed by the sea.
Only love,
Can make it rain,
Like the sweat of lovers laying in the fields.
Only love,
Can bring the rain,
That makes you yearn to the sky.
Only love,
Can bring the rain,
That falls like tears from on high.
Love, Reign over me.

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