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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 547

On a nice rainy morning, on a sunday(or a day off from work), its heaven to tug underneath your blanket with the wind blowing, rains falling. That was a nice sunday morning yesterday. And after quite a few weeks, i went out for a nice lunch at New Yorkers with a friend. It was nice eating Pizzas, Pastas and chocolate milkshake. And then we felt like having a cuppa so headed to the nearest cafe coffee day. While my friend had a black coffee, i had some nice hot chocolate. And with the drizzling of rain, the climate was awesome. I was out since 1:30 PM and came home only by 7 PM. And in these hours, all we did was talk, talk and talk. And so much of it was about spirituality. The friend, i am referring, is more or less going through a similar personal crisis that i am going through. And being a lightworker, we were just trying to figure out on how to, best, deal with this situation. And by God's grace, there will be a way out and hopefully there will be an acceptable resolution for all the parties concerned. Came home and found the kiddos playing and we had a surprise in Abhaa. She is Aarnav's younger sister and usually doesnt mingle with the Boys Bonding...but even she is one of the guys now...And little Purav had a great time with the Toys, Cartoon et all. I was not in the mood of having dinner so i was just lying around when my friend called up. And we spoke from 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM. And we spoke a lot about spirituality. This is the most i have spoken to, on a phone, in my life. Of course, the vodafone network, meant that there were atleast 6-7 call drops, but i guess, in the land of blind, the one eyed man is the king. By the time i could get some sleep, it was 3 AM and by the time i woke it was 10:30 AM. Since it was a nice cool morning with the black clouds swaying overhead, I was in no mood to step out of the house, so i just sat and downloaded a few music videos for my Nokia E7. Work was, surprisingly, very un-monday like. The systems worked fine. My work productivity was very good and i only wished that all work days are like this. It was awesome listening to some good music while driving. Some of the stuff that i downloaded were themes from some recent Clint Eastwood Movies like Million Dollar Baby and Gran Tarino. And it was composed by Mr Eastwood, himself. The man is one of the few Renaissance men of the Global Film Industry. Writer, actor, director, producer, music composer and even singer. And even his worst movies are 100 times better than the trash that gets made in the name of movies. A living legend.

And for my beloved...

So tenderly your story is
nothing more than what you see
or what you've done or will become
standing strong do you belong
in your skin; just wondering

gentle now the tender breeze blows
whispers through my love
whistling another tired song...

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