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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 543 --- and it rained

Wednesday Morning was, thankfully, as normal as it could get. Today, after 2 days, i got the car back from repairs. It was bloody hot while i was going to work and i was praying that it would rain and praying that it would rain well. Tough luck, all i could see were clouds but not a drop of water. Today, i decided, to increase my work productivity. Now, i have a big problem. I can give my best work only when i am sitting away from the team. Somehow i cant get my best output if i am surrounded by people. Fortunately for me, i got to sit slightly far off from my team, and voila, the productivity increased by leaps and bounds. Got to knew today that i was the 2nd highest in the project that we do. Unfortunately for me, the person who tops is 5 times faster. I have no idea how does she do it, but i am for quality work and not quantity. I came home at around 11 PM and discussed a few pending legal issues of mum with Scrooge. Suddenly i happened to see a FB status of a cousin in USA who seemed hurt over something. I asked her to call me. She called me at around midnight India Time. And we spoke for nearly 3 and a half hours. The repercussion was, that, throughout the day, i was feeling extremely sleepy. I couldnt even sleep till late as i had to reach some place by around 10:30 AM to get some of mum's property issues to get sorted out. I came home by around 11:45 AM and found that my 2 fav kiddos, Purav and Aarnav were playing. I was very sleepy and worn out due to the late night and the heat, but had to give some time to the kiddos who had a wild time watching cartoons and jingles on youtube. Had lunch after that and rushed to office. I was in no mood to work today, but work i must. And then, the systems started playing. The one thing, i truly detest/abhor is when i am working and the system crashes. It breaks my rhythm and my productivity goes for a toss. Not that anyone would say anything but i see it as a personal loss. Systems took a while to get back and my productivity was not as high as that of the previous day. But i will ensure i give my best efforts all the time. Now that i am home with barely 4 to 5 hrs of sleep in the 38 odd hrs..i think i will call it a night and sleep till late tomorrow.
My spirit is willing....but the flesh is weak!!! :(

And for my beloved...

Rain fell last night...quiet, gentle rain,
that tapped against my window pane,
and called me back from troubled sleep,
to soothe a heart too numb to weep.
My loneliness was too deep and real,
and like a wound that would not heal,
it throbbed within me, and I knew
my arms were empty without you.

But as I listened to the sound
of soft rain falling on the ground,
I heard your voice, tender and clear,
Call my name, and oh my dear,

I threw my window open wide,
to let the sweet rain rush inside. 
It kissed my lips, my eyes, my hair,
and love, I knew that you were there.

Tears that my heart could not release
Fell down from Heaven, bringing peace.
Last night while gray clouds softly wept,
I held you in my arms and slept....

PS - Thank you God...for the rains in the evening....much needed reprise from the over scorching heat....and an inspiration for love.. 

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