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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 536

Its been an interesting, last 2 days. Yesterday, i finally decided to go to the gym. Worked out well for nearly 30 minutes. Came home and had a good lunch. Thought i would have a routine day at work. But i was wrong. Towards the evening, there was a virus infection in almost 11 PCs in the office. Disinfecting took nearly 4 hours. So, we did nothing except talk for a while, then go for a stroll near the beach, have some snacks. By the time everything was over and done with, it was dinner time. Since a lot of productive hours were lost, the seniors decided to ask for voluntary extra hours for anyone staying close by. Being a good guy, i chipped for an extra hour post shift. Considering something like this does not happen every day, i felt it was fair to chip in. Came back home by around 12. Then watched some movie on the pc and then slept. Morning was real busy. After nearly 3 months, went for much needed grocery shopping. Took almost an hour and a half. Came back to realise that once again the lift was not working in my building, So, along with my man friday of the house, had to climb 3 stories (which is almost 5 stories in normal bombay apartments) with more than half a dozen bags. Had a quick lunch and rushed to work, which thankfully, was business as usual. Its also been a kind of good week for the fat guy who has got a great job, quite close to where i live. Its also been a tough time because his grandmother is in the ICU due to a paralytic attack. It is a critical situation considering the lady must be nearly 90 but my prayers will always be with his family. In my family, i know of 5 people(Great Grandmom, Dad, Mom and both my Grandpas) who have had strokes. And i know how tough it is for the patient and the family members to go through the ordeal of treatment and in some cases hospitalizations.
Its also been kind of a low time for me. Maybe its just one of those days when you get bipolar feelings. So at times like this, its better to just stay calm and try and have very few contacts as possible. Anyways, thats my way of dealing with things.

Been listening to Jealous Guy by John Lennon for nearly 10 times in the last 1 and a half odd days. And felt like crying every time i listened to it.

And i guess, i would like to dedicate this song (atleast the part of being emotional) to my beloved...

Good night all!!!

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