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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 534

By the time i managed to get some sleep on Sunday night / monday morning, it was nearly 3:30 AM. This, eventually, happens almost every sunday since the last 8 years now. I must find a way out of this and try to end the day at a reasonable time so that i can get a long and a continuous sleep. Fortunately, the dynamics of the current job are such that, i dont get the standard monday morning blues. I woke up by around 10 AM and decided to quickly have my shower, complete certain bank work and head straight for the mobile store so i can show the phone and get the issues sorted. Fortunately, all that was required was a master clear and everything functioned the way it was supposed to function. And i am also thankful that being a touch and type phone, i dont have to rely only on my fat fingers to browse around the screen. Work was business as usual. Came home and surfed the net for a while and then went to sleep. Today morning, i thought i would go to the gym, but was somehow feeling extremely tired and sleepy despite getting nearly 8 hours of sleep. So i decided to skip and just take it easy. Saw, Clint Eastwood starer - Every Which way but loose....... All i have to say...Take a bow..Left a bit early in the afternoon for work because, again, i had some bank work to get completed. Work was fine, till the time my reporting manager decided to ask me to help a new hire with the work. Now, unfortunately for me, there are 2 aspects of a job that i am not at all comfortable to handle. One is Marketing and Sales, the other is training. Give me a routine task and a deadline and i will be glad to have that completed. But ask me to train someone or sell someone something, and that involves a lot of patience and non-procedural work and lot of inter-communication. Sorry, i cant do that. But since it was my reporting manager, and he is a very kind soul, i couldnt say no. So here i was helping a new guy out with the stuff. Fortunately the guy is a fast learner so it was not much of an issue. Had a nice dinner and then some work and back home.
With an overdose of cricket, i was not in the mood of watching any IPL matches, but the one today seemed interesting with Chennai pulling a heist over Bangalore by hitting nearly 60 runs in the last 5 overs to win a near impossible day and night T20 match. I was dead sure it would be Chennai who would reach the final and i am also dead sure that the next team will be either Kolkotta or Mumbai. I would safely say that, like 2010, this year we will again see a Chennai vs Mumbai Final. And this time, Mumbai will win. Just to make Tendulkar happy about winning the IPL along with the World Cup in the same year. A win-win situation for all the parties concerned. As i keep saying, the IPL is nothing but an extended farce of what Indian Cricket has become in the last 3 odd years.

And to end..a sad but a nice poem....and you know who it is ....

I hear the sound of gentle rain
Like teardrops on the windowpane
I stare at the ceiling and talk to the walls
I lay here alone and imagine it all
As a river of memories rush through my head
...I can almost taste ur kiss as I think about how much I miss
Your hungry eyes, ur satin skin
The sound of your voice whisperin'
The love I feel inside ur heart
When you're wrapped up in my arms so close
That's what I miss the most..

Good night folks....

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