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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 527

After all the events of Saturday, i didnt feel like doing anything on Sunday. I just wanted to sit at home in my room and not come out. And thats mostly what i did till atleast noon. Scrooge, later, persuaded me to come out for a drive to Crawford Market so that we can pick some Chocolate Flavored Nesquick for home as none of us like to have our daily dose of Milk without flavouring. So i forced myself to come out. It was bloody hot though. We got our stuff and decided to have a couple of Cheese Burgers at Badshah(one of the oldest snack places in Bombay - Over 100 years old). Then came home and relaxed for a while. One of my office friend wanted to go out, just to hang around and we made plans to sit at Marine Drive Promenade and then at Worli Sea Face Promenade. Sadly, due to delay from the friend's side, that thing didnt materialize. So i completed a pending paper work of Mum. Had Paneer Rolls for dinner and then went off to bed. Woke up at ease at around 9:30 PM and then just went to the gym. After i came back, it was very nice for an old friend to drop by home. The friend was quite concerned about me, considering the events that took place on Saturday. We did some spiritual exercise so that i could get a little peace of mind. Lunch was Chocolate Milk, Apple and Toasted Brown Bread. Work, as usual, was hectic but manageable. Didnt realise how time flew by today and before i could realise, it was dinner break already. It was also, extremely kind, of an old office supervisor, Nidhi, to call me up and offer a job in her company. The pay was good. The timings were very good. The weekends were off. The only issue was that i needed to know basic pre-auditing accounts, which unfortunately was not my skill set. It was a typical case of "Haath ko aaya, muh naa lagaya." Or in simple english "So close, yet so far.". But i must thank, from the bottom of my heart, to Nidhi, for showing the considering me, over anyone else, for this job. It would have been an honor working for one of the most wonderful supervisor in my professional tenure. But looks like i will now have to enhance my skill set so that i dont loose out on any more opportunities like this.
And before i log out for the day, once again, a poem for my beloved...

Soul, heart, and body, we thus singly name,
Are not in love divisible and distinct,
But each with each inseparably link'd.
One is not honour, and the other shame,
But burn as closely fused as fuel, heat, and flame.

They do not love who give the body and keep
The heart ungiven; nor they who yield the soul,
And guard the body. Love doth give the whole;
Its range being high as heaven, as ocean deep,
Wide as the realms of air or planet's curving sweep...

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