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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 523

Today promised to be an hectic day. Morning went in dealing with some of mum's paperwork. Towards the afternoon, went to the suburbs, to try and resolve a long standing personal issue. It was only lots of talks but things, at this juncture, does not look to go in my favor. I headed straight for office after that. As usual, there was tons of work, pending overall, but somehow i managed to do what was allocated to me. I didnt have dinner last night and neither did i have lunch today. So by the time we headed for our 1st Tea Break, i was famished. Had the famous Bombay Wada Paav. Dinner, sadly, was alone in a restaurant as i didnt carry dinner. While going through the happenings of the day, a close friend sent a very interesting SMS - "There are many elements involved in a prayer being answered. But the important thing is to keep praying until it is. By continuing to pray, you can reflect on yourself with unflinching honesty and begin to move your life in a positive direction on the path of earnest, steady effort. Even if your prayer doesn't produce concrete results immediately, your continual prayer will at some time, manifest itself in a form greater  than you had ever hoped."
I would just like to add one point, if possible, if one wants to ask, one should not ask for a thing but ask for a way to achieve it. That's atleast what i try to do.
It is said that everyone has a guardian angel and one must have full faith in that angel and ask anything with an open heart, and one will surely find the answers.
At this stage, i think i have written enough and i would end with a lovely poem for my beloved....

It is said there are Angels
In Heaven above
And they shine with the light
Of an inner love

Of these things
I had not a clue
But that was
Before I found you

For in you I’ve found
A love that is so right
It shines all around
With the brightest of light

It comes from somewhere
So deep within
That it has no beginning
And knows no end

Your love is a light
That brightens each day
Of all of the people
You see on your way

Where ever you go
Or whatever you do
All see the love
That you have inside you

That God sent you here
To a place where you’d be
Sharing such love
With someone like me

Is proof for me
That angels exist
And are filled with a love
That no man could resist

I thank God each day
For finding the time
For looking down on me
And making you mine

So yes there are Angels
In heaven above
I know because God
Sent me one to love...

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