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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 522

Finally the day arrived. Training has officially got over. The formal test starts and gets over and we are allocated our team and start actual work. Although this process takes a long time and we get a nice extended break to chit chat, but thankfully i wont be spending time trying not to sleep during training. Hate sitting in 1 place and hearing people train/speak. Being in an environment where data accuracy is targeted at 99.99% and where more importance is given to analytical skills rather than entering data blindly, one would expect tremendous work pressure and a rat race. Although i cant comment about the latter but i can, thankfully, say that the former is not very evident. Coming back home, i had to dwell upon certain personal matters which have been pending for a while.
Due to the sensitive issue of the matter and due to the fact that there are emotions involved of certain people, i am not, at the liberty to disclose it in this forum. But people who have / had been extremely close to me would know what i am hinting at.
I remember, about close to 2 years back, one of my ex office managers said to me, during a routine work meeting -- "I cant claim to solve all your problems. But i can surely help and try to make your professional life as perfect as possible."
This is exactly what i intend to do in my personal space as well. There have been so many things that have transpired over the last 2-3 years in my personal life that i would require another 522 different blogs to write about them. There have been mistakes made, lessons learnt and new things tried and tested. I have succeeded in some and failed in others.
I am not here justifying what i did was right or wrong. I am not here to seek justification from anyone else whether that person did something right or wrong. All i wish to say "Yes I have made mistakes. Yes i have not dealt with things in a certain expected manner. That was only because Life didnt come with any Instruction Manual."
And the same would, probably, apply to every one of us. The point is, do we keep pondering over the mistakes, or do we move ahead and try giving life another shot ? Look at things from a different angle and possibly give the person concerned, another chance to live ?
I do not wish ill of anyone, as i keep saying. All i ask is, if you have felt i have done something wrong or done something in a way which was not as per your expectations, please understand that i am, after all an human.
And all i seek is another chance.
Anyways, before i leave, i will once again dedicate a poem to my loved one. To someone i love so much...

When I close my eyes
see a silhouette of my beloved’s pretty face
imagination transcends all tangible boundaries
Of beauty, delicacy, innocence & elegance
magnetism of her being infuses my mind
With her aromatic breath & heavenly fragrance

My body gets into weightlessness of valence
Feeling myself flying with the wafting air
Her silky hair flapping against my desolate cheeks
As if my thousand years barren soul getting resurrection
The shine in her starry black eyes
Envies the brightest stars in the skies

Her sweet words bring me down to my knees
Don’t let me go ahead without a wheeze.

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