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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 517

Its been a quiet yet a very nice birthday. After a lot of years(6 years actually), i had to be at work during my birthday. Since this is the training period, i do not want to miss a single day, least i miss out on anything crucial. It was, yet another hectic day in training with lots and lots of information being passed. I sure do hope i manage to remember all of that, considering that they dont have a structured knowledge data base for the processes around. After work i came home and got a surprise call from my dad's aunt from USA who just wanted to check on us to ensure all of us were doing well after the turn of events in the last 1 and a half odd months. Chaitanya had come over and we planned to go to Phoenix Mills for a nice dinner. It was also very kind of The Fat Guy and Avataar Baba to join us. It was, also, the first time that all 4 of us(Despite having worked in the same organization for atleast 3 years) met together in one place and had a nice dinner. Went to California Pizza Kitchen. Had a hearty laugh at some of our jokes and the fat guy pulling my leg, as usual. Coming back, after dinner, realised that i had left my car keys in the restaurant so had to rush there and get it back. After that left the guys, mid way where they could go home and i came back and before i rush to bed, decided to write the blog.
Its also been a pleasant surprise that over 120 people wished me throughout the course of the day through Phone calls / SMS / Facebook wall posts and i am deeply touched by each and every one of your kind words. Some of you, also got emotional after speaking to me thinking about mum.
Well, i only have to say, that please do believe me....Mum is very happy, wherever she is.
She may not be amongst us physically, but spiritually she is always amongst us. How do i know this ? Well, just trust me on that, i wouldnt lie to you or just write this for the sake of writing.
These 32 years of my existence on Earth has been the most learning experience and with each day, i have been learning new things, meeting new people, and learning on how to handle things in a more different way.
I hope that i will keep learning and always be a student. For really, learning is one thing, which one should never feel contended. Till the time you leave for heavenly abode, you should keep learning and at the same time, you should also unlearn.
I have decided, now more than ever, that i will be much more calmer person than what i was yesterday and less than what i will be tomorrow.
I will not wish ill of anyone i know or of anyone who may have done something he/she shouldnt have done to me.
I will try and keep spreading the message of love to one and all.

And to George Clooney - Wish you many happy returns of the day....we share the same birth day....have, more or less, the same off screen life....and love the same kind of movies... Taureans ROCK!!!!!!!

I wish to write more and more but i think i should stop after this ode to my beloved...
I sure do wish you are reading this, know i still love you...

I miss you.
I miss being with you every second
and moment everyday and every smile
I see warming my heart knowing you love me
and taking my hand for I was the one.
I need you back in my life.
For I miss you so dearly.
All the things you’ve done so clearly for me.
I miss you.
I loved the times i would walk you back home
But wishing we could stay together all night and forever.
I miss your hugs.
I felt so safe when I was around you, but now that you’re gone.
My worries are showing with everyone knowing not helping the way you would comfort me.
I miss you. I miss you!!

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