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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 516

It feels good to get back to work after a long break. It feels better that its a place where i will be waking up in the morning to go to work and not middle of the night. It would have been most ideal if this would be the timings i would get, but a 3PM to 11PM shift that I will be getting, i guess, eventually doesnt seem to be a bad deal. The best part about the work that it is close to home. This is the training period and no matter how much one wants, one cant skip training under any circumstances in a corporate environment. The training has been very intense and although there is a vast knowledge base to learn, it is not the most easiest process that i know of. Being a financial Data analysis means you need to use Grey cells more than usual. But then, when has learning new and challenging things ever been an issue for me ? If you dont believe me, ask any one of my 700 odd colleagues that i have dealt with in over 7 and a half years in my previous organisation. I must admit that i havent been going to the gym. Prime reason being, i am still getting habituated to a routine work life, but i promise that by Saturday, i will start Gym once again. On Tuesday evening, a friend came over and i have known that person for nearly 10 years now and that person has changed and become a more spiritually evolved person from what i know of that person. Its a good sign indeed. We had a lot of spiritual discussion and did some spiritual exercises as well. It was nice and kind of that person to be genuinely concerned about me, considering certain events that have transpired in the last 19-20 months of my life. Next morning, i had some out of the world experience, but that would be something i wouldnt want to discuss it in this forum. Yesterday evening, after a grueling training session, i came home, had a quick shower and went for a movie at Inox. Saw Limitless. A kind of sci-fi movie and a fun to watch one as well. The surprising part was that the cinema hall was atleast 80% full. Very surprising for a non-blockbuster movie and that too on a weekday night. Came home, had some spiritual discussion with a friend online and then went to sleep. Had an uninterrupted sleep after nearly a week. Office was routine and then came home via Grant Road so i could grab some grub for evening munchies as there is practically nothing to snack on in the house. Spoke with Chaitanya for a while before dinner about routine stuff and got some more hindsight on how to plan a few things in my life. And now i will write the blog, possibly watch some movie on the pc and then hit the sacks. Tomorrow, being the B-Day, it is kind of special to me, as it has always been. This year, it would be much much quiet because Scrooge wont be there and Mum's no more. But, Mum, wherever you are...I know you are doing good and your best wishes will always be with me. This is the 1st time that i will be missing your presence so much during my birthday, and i sure wished you were ya mum and dad...will always miss your presence in all the special occasions of my life. A life, which was possible, only because of the two of you.

And to my know my love for you, no matter what, will always be the same.

My love for you is too immense to measure
And your touch how it gives me oh so much pleasure
You literally take my breath away
In my life you just must always stay

The emotions you stir are of ardent love
With a devotion that comes from the stars above
And our passion we share unites us as one
Fulfilling the desires is just so much fun

I have given you the key to my frail heart
With the dream that we will never part
As I write these words I hope you will heed
I pray that I shall be all that you need..

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