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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 500

Will start from yesterday. By far, one of the most tiring day i have had this month. Started the day at around 9:30 when Scrooge and me went to the bank across the road. Had to spent about 20-25 minutes to get some paperwork. Then came home and did some paperwork sorting which took another 15-20 minutes. Then left for our individual work. I dropped him at his office and headed for one mutual fund company where mum had some investments. Got that sorted and took about 15-20 minutes. Then took a bus to CST Station and walked around 10 minutes to another mutual fund company. Had to spend another 20-25 minutes. Then went to a 3rd one and spent around 20 minutes. Then walked to a MNC bank and spent close to an hour because the documents given last time were incomplete, by the bank official. And come to think of it, mum was a premier customer out there. Then had to meet Scrooge to get his signature and despite my mobile phone battery being low and acute shortage of cabs and this happens on a day when Scrooge has to leave to go to another place in 20 minutes, i rushed to his office, took his signatures and came back to the bank. Only to spent close to 45 minutes to get some formalities started. Then walked towards the famous Bombay Stock Exchange lane to another mutual fund service centre to get some paperwork sorted out. When i looked at my watch, i was shocked, it was 5 minutes to 4 PM. And in all these hours, all i had was around 3-4 glasses of water and nothing to eat. Hence i decided to get a quick grub at one of the small cafe and then rush home. I was visibly tired and i just lied down. Took and hour's nap and was in no mood to go to the gym. But i went. nevertheless. And this time i spent more than usual time. Came home and spoke to Chaitanya for a while and had a late dinner of Uttapams at around 10:30 PM. Sometimes, when you are overworked or over tired, even then you cant get sleep. Atleast I have had this problem. So by the time i slept, it was around 2 AM. I woke up at around 9:30 AM this morning and then did the usual morning stuff and headed straight to the gym. Spent over an hour there and then came home, had a nice paratha meal at a cafe nearby and then headed to Wadala. Years back we had lots of Units in the famous Wadala Udyog Bhavan Building. This is where my family started their manufacturing business years ago and made lots of money. This is where my Dad, along with his brothers and cousins, gave their sweat and blood and worked 6-7 days a week and hardly took holidays so that all of us, children specially, got lead a good lifestyle. Slowly as the family grew and expenses increased, all of us separated business wise and people started selling their properties. Towards the end, my dad was the only one with one property(1 unit) in that huge industrial estate. A couple of years after my dad left us, mum decided to give the place on lease. I went there after nearly 2 years to get some paperwork done. Bought back lots of memories as i had started my working life in this very premise. Somehow, i dont think i will ever sell out the property, mainly because of the sentimental value that it has for me. If everything goes right, i may even start my own business, once again, and be my own boss. Dont know how far that would work but atleast i can try.
Came home, surfed the net for a while and then headed to an uncle's (Mom's bro) place for dinner as they had invited me. Spoke with my grandfather and he was very happy to see me.
Then i headed home and here i am writing this blog. In a while, i will sleep. This routine life will go on for the next couple of weeks and then hopefully i should start hunting for a job which does not have me working in odd hours.

And for my love...this one's only for you...

Love is full of emotion,
you experience a wonderful feeling,
Like a trip through the ocean
or a voyage through our living.

One day a wave told me:
"If your love is true,
not even the strongest sea
would separate you two."

Falling in love
is drowning in your deepest thoughts.
Nothing else matters,
except your wonderful love.

Good night everyone.

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