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Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 499 -- begins

Its been a much calm weekend. Because i didnt have any paperwork to do on this friday, i took it easy. I was just relaxing and went to the gym and did the usual net surfing. On Saturday, the day was a bit packed. I went to to the gym in the afternoon. In the evening, i went with my eldest uncle out for a business meeting(not at the liberty of discussing this here, but he called so i had to go). Had to discuss some of mum's property issues which were a tad complicated and he was the only person in the family who could resolve it. And thankfully, he gave me full support and positive attitude to do it. Had dinner with him in the night and came home. On sunday morning, had to meet a grand uncle as he was concerned where is mum's accounting stuff heading and fortunately, most of it was on track so he was relieved. Then went to my nana's(Mum's dad) house to have lunch and he was pleased to see my bro, nephew and me there. We spoke quite a bit with Mama(Mum's bro) and Nana and thankfully both of them have mentally moved on as far as emotions are concerned. Considering the fact that its not been even 1 month since mum left for heavenly abode, its a strong thing on their behalf. In the afternoon, i was playing with Purav till the evening because the little gun refused to take his afternoon siesta and only wanted to play. Thankfully, this guy has great stamina and energy level for any kid of his age. Towards 7 PM, Mitul called up and wanted to catch for an early sunday dinner at KFC. So we joined, and had a nice dinner and some casual window shopping with his wife and kid at the City Centre mall at Bombay Central. Came home and got some grub from McD for Bro. And now, i will probably watch some DVD and will go to sleep. The next 3 days are going to be extremely hectic as I will be rushing from one bank to another to do mum's financial pending stuff and will be rushing from one part of the city to another to take care of some of mum's property work. From thursday, there will be a special plan in place, which i will update by Wednesday night. So do watch this space for more.
In all of this, some of you may be wondering, what ever happened to the daily odes that i posted for the person i love.
Well, i havent forgotten that person. That person may have forgotten me, but my heart will always have a special place for that person. I do not know if that person is reading this blog or not(And i pray that the person is reading) but this poem....thats dedicated to this person. This very special person.

I want to hold you in my arms, gently
Beyond sex and security, prestige and triumph,
to say once and for all, "I love you", and mean it
from the top of my head to-the-depths of my soul
This is the love that casts out fear that makes life worth living
That takes a man and woman on the earth and lifts them finally
above every power or pain that could wound them
I have seen so many sights, heard so many words
but none as beautiful
As the sight and sound of a man and woman
Who say with their every act
Their eyes and all their being

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