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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 496 early!!!

The heat is killing. And its not even peak summer time. Its so bad that yesterday, i had a splitting headache that lasted till midnight. Yesterday afternoon i went to a couple of places for a plan next week(More details of that on 20/04/2011). When i came home, i was so tired that i just didnt feel like going to the gym and was just relaxing in the afternoon. In the evening, got a few photo frames for pictures taken in Hong Kong and a couple of abstract paintings that Kashyap had bought from his abroad trips last year. Then came home and went back for a small drive with Purav. In the night, Kashyap and me went for a movie - The Adjustment Bureau. Interesting concept of Inception meets Matrix. Worth a watch. Came home in the night and then was lying in bed and watching movie on DVD. In the morning, woke up early because my good friend Chaitanya called me up. And for a change, it was me who was the shrink this time :). Its ok Chaitanya. We are all humans.
I didnt want to miss my workout so i went to the gym and then came home. In the afternoon. after a nice lunch of Mysore Dosa, went to Lohar Chawl. Literally it means a place of iron smiths. This is one place in Bombay, which now, sells all kind of Household Hardwares. A lane parallel to the end of the street sells all kind of industrial hardwares. From lohar chawl, we got a new age bulb fitting for the house and if the installation works we will, as the old ad jingle goes, "Purey ghar ke badal daaloga."
Came home in the evening and chatted with The Fat Guy for a while and again took young Purav for a drive. After dinner, My best young buddy, Aarnav came over and li'll Purav was so happy that all these kids did was play and laugh like crazy. Now Purav has a weak point, if he laughs like crazy after a heavy dinner, he will puke out. And sadly, thats exactly what he did. But no ways did that stop him from laughing and playing again. Boy, these kids have a lot of stamina.
And now, i am off to sleep.
Before i sleep, i would like to wish everyone of you a very happy Baisakhi / Bishu / Vishu.
Let us also not forget that 92 years back on the day of Baisakhi, when over 1500 people were victims of genocide at the Jalianwala Bagh. For me they were just not victims of Genocide but martyrs. Its sad no one has remembered them even once in the last couple of days.

Let us also not forget, that 67 years back, 740 odd firemen/army men, laid down their lives fighting the great Bombay Dock fire for 3 days at a stretch.

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