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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 493

Yesterday was another day spending in getting a lot of paper work done. Went to the bank, then to worli to get some of mum's mediclaim documents submitted then came home, had a quick lunch and rushed to the LIC office and get some documents for my self and bro. Then rushed home and met up with a friend's wife as she wanted to buy a printer but wasnt sure of the right model. So i went with her, got a good deal on a printer - HP 2050 with a 1 year on site replacement warranty for only Rs 3600 with a color and a b/w cartridge free. Then came home, relaxed for a while and headed straight for the gym. As a good friend once said, "The whole thing is just need to turn up at the gym...thats 80% of battle won." And trust me it holds true. Once you come to the gym, you get the inclination to go inside and once you do that, you get motivated to start the exercise regime and that is what is important. Then at your pace you can increase the speed and intensity of exercise. Most of the time, people take gym memberships but dont turn up and thats where the battle is lost. But i want to be extremely serious this time and ensure i go to the gym atleast 5 times a week without fail and then slowly and steadily increase the exercise regime. Of course, diet control plays an equally important part and i am trying my level best to eat as much healthy food as possible. Lots of green vegetables are a part of my diet. Today, being a public holiday, there was not a lot of paper work to do but i went to a SAP institute on the other side(eastern) of the town. Got to know a lot of things on what i need to pursue professionally as an alternate career and hopefully there should be more on that lines coming up in the weeks to come. I came home, relaxed for a while in the afternoon and then went to the gym in the evening. I tried to intensify some of the weight training modules that i am doing but i felt strain. So i went back to the original module and then came home. After dinner, did the usual surfing on the net and now i will be off to sleep.
Tomorrow, promises to be another busy busy busy day so i would need some rest.
Well folks, hope to see you and also hear from you.

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