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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 491

The last 3 days, have again been, lots of paperwork to be processed for Mom's account. It is indeed a cumbersome task when, despite having everything in place, there is so much paperwork to be completed when someone has passed away. The last thing one person should go through is red-tape in such circumstances but i guess that is how the system works here, there is nothing much that one can do but find a way out. The weekend was just about ok. I went to the gym, except today, and ensured i didnt have any guilt while eating food in restaurants. And to ensure everything is balanced, i skipped lunch for the last 3 days. On saturday night, Mitul, all of a sudden calls me..and as usual..puts his wife and me on a virtual gunpoint at 7:50 PM and asks us to come to INOX - a good 7 km away from where i stay by 8:30 because he has suddenly decided to see a ridiculous movie F.A.L.T.U. (Stands for Fakirchand And Lakirchand Trust University). And since we didnt have the tendency or the guts to argue with him, we gave in and we rushed there. And as long as he enjoyed the movie, it was fine with us. Had a dinner at the food court and then went back home. Today morning, i woke up at a normal sunday time of 10:30 AM. Today was the day, when Purav had to do "Mundan" which means the ritual when young kids have their heads tonsured for the 1st time. Their is an old wive's saying that the hair grows smooth and silky once a kid gets tonsured, although there is no scientific claim. But since its a tradition, he did it. And Purav looks quite funny yet cute. I thought i would head for the gym in the afternoon but i was too tired, so i just surfed the net for a while and then slept in the afternoon. In the evening, spoke with Chaitanya for a while and then Aarnav came and both the kids had a nice time playing. Didnt do much later and then had a nice dinner by ordering take away from McDonalds. And i also thought i should be updating my blog and i should try my level best not to have a gap of more than 1 day between blogs.
Tomorrow, promises to be start of another hectic week. Although i would not be working in any office, but my schedule is such that it is nothing short of a routine job that i am doing. And i am hoping things would be more streamlined in the next couple of weeks. Of course it is more streamlined than what it was 2 weeks back and knowing how things work, it should get positive. But, i am working for the best and i am prepared for the worst.
So long...!!!

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