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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 488

The last 2 days, i have spent a sizeable amount of time in either government organizations and banks. And i have realized the nuisance , routine paperwork does, in the event of a death. This, despite, mum's paperwork being in place. On tuesday morning i went to the Local Municipal's ward office to get a copy of death certificate. I was warned by many people, and understandably so, that i will have to bribe my way. Well, i went to the 1st floor of the office and was directed to the ground floor. There were queues everywhere and once just had to stand in any queue. So i stood in a queue where there were some seats so i could sit after some time. Took 45 minutes to get through the person. It seems, the procedure is that you dont get the document in 1 shot. You have to pay the fees(And surprisingly no one demanded or even hinted for a bribe), and you get a receipt. Then you are directed to another counter where they give you the required documents. But hold on, its not over. Then you have to go to the 1st floor and get the government seal stamped. And its not over, you have to go to another counter and get the signature from the ward doctor. Aaagh. 60 minutes wasted for something that can be done in 10. But, as they say, this happens only in India. I came home, in the scorching heat and freshened up. Then went down for a small lunch and decided to catch up with the Fat Guy for a movie at IMAX - The Lincoln Lawyer. Interesting courtroom drama but too cliched.
In the evening, we went to a local bistro in Chembue - Moksha and had a quite and an early dinner. Most of it was spent in discussing spirituality. Came back home and had a nice shower and then started to work on mum's life insurance claim forms and it took almost an hour to fill.
Crashed in bed and woke up today to get ready for a long long day.
Started by going to a bank to have a new bank account opened. Then went to our old bank to get some paperwork sorted for mom. Then came back to get some government document photo copies attested. Then headed for the insurance office, only to find that a few places required signature of an authorized personnel so had to rush back to a gazetted officer and plead him to do it(And in turn was charged 10 times the usual rate..but hey thats life). Then came home and in between 2 bowls of soup(my lunch for the day) was getting all paper work sorted and arranged properly and rechecking so that i dont have to rush home. Then went back to the insurance office and submitted the paper. Thought i would take it easy and watch a movie in the afternoon but there were no shows so decided to head back home. Wanted to make duplicate house keys but the key maker wouldnt come till tomorrow. Fair enough. Then called an auto-expert as the car battery of one of my car had conked off and had to pay to get a new battery installed. All this ideally should have taken 1-2 hours and it did, but the rest of the time was spent in traveling. The traffic was killing. The heat was killing. The AC in the car was cool but with the constant heat i felt like stuck in a sauna with a chilled ac as well. Not the very best thing to do health wise. In all of this, i didnt find the capacity to pump iron and was so bloody exhausted.
And to think of it, summer has just started. Wonder how will it be in May when the sun will be at the peak.
Anyways, this, i guess is life.
I will call it a day now. I will possibly watch some movie on the DVD and zzzzz.
Hope to continue tomorrow.

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