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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 486

Its been a while since i have updated my blog. Some readers are concerned about the long intervals and have been wondering whether i am going to stop writing my blog. The answer is NO. This blog is my only mean to let out all my emotions and be as transparent person as possible. Of course everyone has some aspects in life which one will not discuss it with everyone and certainly not in an open forum. However, i am as transparent as possible.
Ok, so from Saturday morning till tuesday its been quite busy. Despite the fact that i am off work for sometime. On saturday was the day the whole of Indian Cricket Lovers were waiting for. India plays Sri Lanka in the world cup final in Bombay's renovated Wankhede Stadium. The last 2-3 months have only been all hype and all well wishers wanting this team to win the world cup. With so much hype, advertising, sponsors and the IPL starting in less than a week, it would have been a financial disaster for everyone concerned to have India loose the final. So what happens?
Well, during the 2nd innings, My school friend, Mitul calls up and asks me to join him watch the match on TV at his house. Fair enough. He is a cricket fanatic and has always been the leader of the pack from school days and doesnt like hearing no for an answer so His wife, kiddo, another friend Marzi and yours truly join him.
Conveniently India wins and the nation is ecstatic. I have been watching it only from an entertainment value and i knew that India had to win the world cup for all the reasons mentioned above. With over a billion dollars at stake, it would have been a financial monumental disaster if India wouldnt have won.
Then, Mitul, virtually threatens all of us to join in Celebrations on the famous Marine Drive(Where the stadium is located) and there are over 200,000 people on the roads cheering, dancing, driving over capacity of cars and bikes and most of them are dressed in the team jerseys and have the tricolor flag. I didnt care much but since no one has the guts to say no to Mitul, we do as the romans do, and enjoy the ambiance.
I have clicked a few pictures which you may want to see.

I came home at 1:30 am and by the time i got sleep it was 3 AM. I had to wake up early, around 8 AM and then rush to my mum's uncle's house to just figure out what needs to be done with some of my mum's financial stuff. The people who want to offer condolences for my mom have been trickling throughout the day. We respect them and thank them for the support given to us. In the evening i take it easy and wind up by midnight. Next day i get myself up early by 6:45 am and head to the gym and start it on a more regular basis with Cardio, weights and steam. Since its a bank holiday, the roads are empty in the morning but by afternoon, there are multiple processions. Gudi Padwa is the new year for maharashtrian community and the religious processions have already started. I take it easy in the night as well and have a quiet dinner and wind up in bed. Next day is working so head to the bank to start of some formalities for mum's stuff and then to the gym and then kind of start some accounting work on the pc. In the evening i went to meet my mum's dad and was just talking general stuff with him and for the first time in nearly 10 days i see him smile. Which means, and thank god, that he has gotten over the grief. Of course, the mourning is still on for all the conservative family members and i respect them for that. Today, in the evening, one of my closest friend from college days - Khalik, called up. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him after nearly 5 years and even he offers condolences for my mum. We talk about the college days and about our respective personal lives. Khalik was a close friend who, probably, knew everything about me. There was a time when he was, what i would call, my 3 AM friend. Sadly, due to my job timings and his shifting base to Pune, we lost contact. But when we spoke today, our conversation started from where we ended 5 years back. It was a very good feeling. As night comes, i go to my Uncle's house for a personal visit and then chatted with a friend online when i came back. Its nearing 2:30 so i guess i will call it a night. Tomorrow is going to be hectic as i have a lot of paperwork to be done and i hope to continue with where i have paused for today.

Good night and god bless you all.

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