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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Early Day 481

Today was another day where i had to just, kind of, take it as it comes. My mum's uncle, called me to discuss certain personal issues in a private meeting. I am confident that whatever he advised was absolutely heart felt and well meant. The issue is, that unfortunately, i am the one in a situation and i would know how i need to handle the situation. I am, not at the liberty to discuss the personal issue, but a few readers would know what i am referring to. What happens, when an untoward incident happens with you near and dear ones, is that your family and friends, start to go in an advice giving mode. Some of them are well meant(As it was the case of my mum's uncle) but most of them are unsolicited and absolutely worthless. In the end, what matters is what you want to do. No one can force their opinions on you and no one has the right to dictate terms, unless it is affecting their life directly. You have to take their opinions on board and, as i keep saying, do some soul searching and then use your own common sense and logic to find the way out. What, eventually does matter is whether the support you get is conditional or unconditional.
Anyways, i came home for lunch and then, along with most of the nation, was glued to see the much awaited India vs Pakistan World Cup Semifinal Cricket ODI Match. An India-Pakistan match is always much awaited and its even more tensed than the Ashes. If its cricket, then it is even more intense. If its a world cup match, then its practically a national holidays on either sides of the border. If its a knock out match then its a virtual battlefield. I am not sure whether the matches are fixed or not, but the intensity was visible on faces of both the teams. Loosing, is not an option, for either teams because the fans expect only one thing. WIN. It doesnt matter if you win the world cup or not but you just cant afford to be in the loosing side of an Indo-Pak Match of the tournament.
A total of 260(Courtesy another match saving knock by Sachin Tendulkar), under normal circumstance would not have been easy to defend. But in a match like this, you have to play as if your life depends on it and this is exactly what the Indian Team did(Or pretended to did if it was rigged). And fortunately for them, they won. I say, fortunately for them, because if India would have lost the match, there would have been near riots and i am so sure it would be some days before the Pakistani Team returns back to their homes.
After a nice match, Kashyap and me sat down to start accounts work for mum, and thankfully, its not as taxing as what it was when my dad passed away in 2006.
Hopefully we should do majority of work within the next 2-3 days.
With Dad and mum not being around, it gets very lonely and I often wish for someone i love to be with me.
I can be as strong as i can, but being a human, one has certain emotions which one needs to take care of.
My only hope, is that the person i am referring to is reading this blog, and i am praying to god that the person has a change of heart considering the current circumstances.
Good night and hope someone up there is listening and i hope someone out there is reading this one.

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