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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 477

I am sure many of you would be wondering why is it that i have not been updating my blog for the last few days. I have been going through one of the most trying times of my life. My mom, 59 years of age, has left for heavenly abode. The events were quite dramatic. On Thursday, 24/03/2011, had taken mum for a nice early lunch / late breakfast at her favorite joint, Cafe Madras. When we came home, she started to become, a bit restless. She was definitely not her true rockstar self. I called the doctor who said that she has been diagnosed with Malaria. She was given an anti-malarial injection and prescribed some drugs. Doctor recommended that in case the symptoms get bad, she needs to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, just after doctor left, she started getting similar attack that she got at around same time last year. I quickly recognized the symptoms and Kashyap and me quickly took her to the hospital. She was administered immediate CPR and emergency medicines  but she didnt show any signs of visible recuperation. She was taken to the ICU and put on life support. In the middle of the night, we had to get 6 units of platelets as the Platelet count was very low. Even after that there was no visible improvement. In the morning, after the CT scan report, it was evident that there was a brain hemorrhage and she was, in all likelihood, already brain dead when we took her to the hospital. There were only 2 options available for us. Either we keep administering drugs and keep her on life support so she can artificially breathe and keep the heart pumping. Or else we stop the medicines from going inside the body and still keep the life support on and mom can pass away peacefully. After a lot of discussion and consulting mum's neurologist and cardiologist, we opted the latter option. The 1st option was not chosen because, as per the doctor's advice, it would have made her situation even more worse than what she was and anyways the medicines were not having any effect on her body. And if we had chosen that, then it was very likely that she would have stayed for another 10 odd days and still passed away with more pain and more needles in her body. Mom, as per hospital records, breathed her last on 26/03/2011 at 5:45 AM. My brother was visibly hurt and i choose to keep my emotions in control. The family and friends, conducted the last rites, as per my mum's wish, in the traditional funeral pyre at around noon. I am not at all a socially active person. I am a very reserved person and i will always choose to remain that way. But i would still like to thank all my friends and family members who have stayed and supported in this difficult time.
And to MOM -
You have always been a rock star.
In all true ways.
The rock concerts at home. The wild "words and lyrics." Staying on drugs(Although prescribed). The "I dont give a fuck about you" attitude. A super adventurous life. Making your life as open as possible. Visiting nearly 120 towns/cities in 19 countries world wide since the day you were born. Always extremely enthusiastic. Super confidence and tremendous will power that would make a 20 year old college graduate put to shame. All that and much more beyond and beneath, you will always be missed. I am sure you will be rocking up there.
And to sum it all, i can only say, Sweater - Garment worn by child when its mother is feeling Chilly.

Kumudini Desai-Sheth-Gandhi --> 6th February 1952 ---- Forever.

1 comment:

  1. May her soul RIP....

    Though I didn't know her....Never got an opportunity to interact....Here is something I wrote for you:

    Look at sky,
    Feel its presence
    Make yourself fly high

    She has turned into a shining star
    She won't be around you
    She'll be in your thoughts
    Her love is not too far

    I know how it feels when someone dies
    You keep on pretending that you're fine
    But DAT'S A LIE

    Here I am, praying for you from the depth of my heart,
    She's not physically present...Listen to your heart,
    In your thoughts and memories she will never be APART.

    Nothing more to give at this harsh time of your life....When in need...I'm just a call away
    Gawd Bless you