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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 466 - The Macau and Hong Kong Journals

Got up at ease at 9 AM. Had a yummy breakfast and then too the MTR to Tung Chung on my way to Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping is a sort of, hill station, situated near the famous Lantau Peak. To go there, one needs to take a cable car, which is about 5 minutes away from the station. There are lots of tours available but the best deal would be to take the one which offers you to take to Ngong Ping and then a 15-20 minute walking with Buddha Multimedia show and then another multimedia show of Monkey's tale. Going to Tung Chung is breath taking. Specially if you are in a crystal cable car with a transparent bottom. I have put a few pictures below and you will be stunned at the scenario. When i reached Tung Chung, the weather was amazing. Cool Breeze on a sunny day. I headed, straight towards the famous Po Lin Monastery and then towards the very famous Tian Tan Buddha Statue. There was approximately 200 odd steps to climb before one could come close to the statue and it was fabulous. I also visited a small museum below the statue which has a relic of Gautam Buddha - Possibly the tooth. Due to the sanctity of the place, they didnt allow any photographs but one did feel a bit of inner peace while taking the walk. I came down, clicked a few photographs and then headed for both the multimedia shows(Again, sadly, no photographs were allowed) but it was a nice experience. I would strongly recommend, for anyone coming to Hong Kong to ensure that Ngong Ping is in the to-do list along with Ocean's park. I would also highly recommend to book the tickets of Ngong Ping in advance as one has to stand close to 60 minutes in the line to get the tickets and then to go to the cable car. With advance booking, the timing can be reduced to atleast 30 minutes. I would also advice to buy a 24 hours unlimited MTR travel pass so that one can get a discount at Ngong Ping(Which i over read) . After an amazing time, i came back to Tung Chung and headed straight for Admiralty station where i bought a small souvenir from the MTR shop and then headed for Causeway Bay where i went in to one of the huge shopping malls and bought some clothes for little Purav. Came back to the hotel and then went to an English Pub for an early dinner. After that headed for the Wan Chai Ferry Bay and took the famous Star Ferry to Kowloon. Went and browsed at one of the huge shopping malls and then came out, just in time for the daily - Night Laser show. Hong Kong Looks awesome in the night. After that i went back to the hotel to just zzzzzzzzzz after a  tiring day where i must have walked for atleast 4-5 KM.

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