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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 465 - The Macau and Hong Kong Journals

Woke at unearthly hour of 06:30 AM (unearthly because its vacation time) to have breakfast so that we can head for Oceans park. Before heading there, there was a small halt at the Hong Kong gems and jewelry centre. I would recommend that only to people who have the knack of these things. Headed for the Oceans park after that. Now, Ocean's park is divided in to three parts. The Low lands, the mid lands and the high lands. The low lands are where the Pandas are kept and there are certain children rides, the mid lands are where there are certain roller coaster rides but its highland where all the great rides and the famous dolphin show is held. I recommend, the dolphin show, the chinese sturgeon aquarium, The flash, abyss, the mine train and the dragon ride. The Flash is an awesome ride and to give you a gist, check out the you tube link below.

We went there via a cable car and the scenario was awesome. Have clicked quite a few pictures(Check it below). Please note that although it takes a cable car to go there, there is lots and lots of walking to do. If you dont have the capacity to walk atleast 4-5 kms and quite a lot of it uphill, then i dont think you should go to Ocean's park. But if you do enjoy walking(And frankly in the cool weather, its awesome), Ocean's park should be a must on anyone's wish list when going to Hong Kong.
Then came to the low lands and went for the Panda Exhibit. I was hungry so went to the neptune restaurant. Since it was way past lunch time, had to do with snacks so ordered for some french fries and champagne pastry. Yum Yum Yum. Took some pics and videos(which you can view below) of the huge huge aquarium from within the restaurant. Then headed back to the hotel. In the night, went to the famous Night Market at Temple Street and picked up a few goodies for my nephew Purav. Then went to a suburb called Mong Kok and browsed around the electronics market there. It was fantastic. Mong Kok is an amalgmation of Lamington road of Bombay and the heera panna market. Except that its huge, much more brighter and lots and lots and lots and lots of shops. Had a great time. I must have walked atleast 7-9 kms that day. Coming back to the hotel, i had some yummy stuff at Khana Khazana and then just crashed to bed. 

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