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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 464 - The Macau and Hong Kong Journals

So today was the time to say Goodbye to Macau. After a hearty breakfast, took off to Hong Kong in the Cotai Jet. A caution for all people who may be thinking of taking the Macau trip. While going back from Macau, unless you are travelling in a plane, you dont have the option of getting your luggage loaded by anyone in the ferry. You have to take the luggage on your own. We were scheduled to go in the 2 PM Ferry so I decided to land up early to avoid any last minute hassle. Surprisingly they allowed me to catch the early ferry.And we landed at Hong Kong at around 13:30. After climbing a series of escalators, I finally cleared customs and immigration and headed straight for the Hotel. The hotel Wharney Huang Dong is situated in an area called Wan Chai which is in main land Hong Kong. Like Bombay, Hong Kong is made up of multiple Islands and the Main Land is where all the Commercial Offices, shopping complexes and eateries situated. I was very impressed. Although the traffic is as good or as bad as Bombay, its still very systematic. The people. like Macau, are extremely friendly, polite and if at all there is good Asian Hospitality, its These places. After staying in a place like The Venetian, all other hotel rooms will seem like a matchbox. And that exactly what happened in Hong Kong. But it was a decent hotel, nevertheless. After freshening up, i headed straight to have lunch at nearby - Ebeneezer (Which is a chain of Indian Restaurant) and then headed for the famous - The Peak.
Took the famous Hong Kong MTR to Admiriality and then walked up to the base of The Peak.
The Peak is the highest point of Hong Kong and one has to take a special tram that takes you there and it takes you via a 45 degree slope where all buildings seem to be tilting.
Again had to climb nearly 7 floors via the escalator  to reach the peak. And what a view.

Check the pics below.

Then walked back to take the tram back to the base. Clicked some more pics(Which i will upload by tonight).

Then went back to the hotel and for dinner at a place called Khana Khazaana. The only place which serves strict vegetarian fare and amazing stuff.
Then back to Hotel to take good rest for Ocean's park tour next day.

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